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Exclusive interview with gorgeous Iker Casillas!


 - Exclusive interview with gorgeous Iker Casillas!
How have you found the shoot today and what is it like to work with a world renowned photographer such as Steven Klein?

I really enjoyed the shoot as I have never done anything like this before. I think the images look great and I feel privileged to have had a chance to work with such a famous photographer with so many famous recognisable names under his belt.
You must be used to being photographed on the pitch so how does this compare?

This is completely different! When I am on the pitch I don’t notice the cameras as I am always watching the ball and focusing on the match. When you can actually see the camera it is a little bit more scary but the shoot today has been really good fun.
Onto football, what did you get up to during the summer break?

I generally tried my best to relax, took a holiday, caught up with friends and had some fun… haha! (laughs)
Do you train at all during the summer break, or did you take a complete break?
I took a full break, no training at all as it is important to rest and let my body recover. This ensures I can then come back for a new season full of energy.
The product you’re wearing in the shoot looks great and really stands out but how does it benefit your training?

Yeah the kit looks great. At the moment I’m training in Reebok’s ZigTech footwear and apparel range. The trainers look like no other trainer, which is why I love them, and they really help energise my work out thanks to the unique design of the sole. The apparel also feels great and really helps keep me feeling fresh during a hard training session, especially in the Spanish sun!
I’ve also been training in RealFlex. Running in RealFlex provides a fantastic barefoot feel so I like to wear them when I go for a gentle jog after a hard day’s training. This sensation really helps me unwind and relax.
How does your training differ in the first half of the season compared to the second half?

Well, the first half of the season we have to suffer a little bit more to regain high fitness levels and to ensure that our bodies are match fit. In the second half we are much fitter having played several games and the main focus is to maintain this fitness level. To achieve this we train hard but in small doses so not to over do it and cause injury.
You have been playing for Real Madrid since 1999, how do you stay so focused?
What can I say? I just love to play football and the club is very close to my heart.


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