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Exclusive interview with gorgeous Iker Casillas!



I understand you are superstitious; do you have any specific rituals?

Yes, I am quite a superstitious person. There are several rituals I have to go through on and off the pitch but the best example is whenever we score a goal, I always have to touch my own crossbar!

 - Personal
Since winning the World Cup with Spain you have understandably become more of a household name. How does it feel to be more in the spot light and is there anything you miss about ‘normal’ life?

To be honest it is difficult to describe as I have always been so focused on my football. I can say though that I do have a lot more commitments now not just on the pitch but also off, even more so with the creation of the Iker Casillas Foundation. I must admit I do miss having the time to go to the local amusement park or admiring the beautiful surroundings of Madrid.
You mentioned the Iker Casillas Foundation, what is the aim of the foundation?

The foundation aims to support people in need by promoting activities that help improve the health and quality of life especially of children. It achieves this in a number of ways through financial grants, scholarships or by just providing advice. It is something I am very committed to and how I like to spend my time when I’m not playing football.


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