JUKARI Fit to Flex™: the Reebok & Cirque du Soleil workout
JUKARI Fit to Flex™ workouts at David Lloyd

JUKARI Fit to Flex™ workouts at David Lloyd

The Reebok & Cirque du Soleil JUKARI Fit to Flex™ workouts at David Lloyd are usually one hour long. You begin with a little tutorial on how to use your JUKARI Band – which are supplied in two sizes matched to your height. I'm only 5"2 and am promptly handed the size 1 short band. It's nice to feel catered for!

Looping it and un-looping it around your wrists help you to set your own level and stretch as far as you’re comfortable.

The class is set to typically Cirque du Soleil style music and is performed as if on stage. The mirror is your audience and you’ll find yourself strutting to stage left and running to stage right to warm up those muscles and get yourself ready to stretch.

The Reebok fitness experts’ refined Cirque du Soleil flexibility exercises down to achievable moves for the workout – you’ll use the band to lift your legs, to stretch your shoulders and as a prop to the more dance-based portions of the class.

This is no static stretching class. The JUKARI Fit to Flex™ workout combines cardio with strength and flexibility exercises for total body toning.

The moves are worked together into sets which act as small portions of what becomes an almost dance-based workout experience. If you're into dance or aerobics then JUKARI Fit to Flex™ will be right up your street. If you're yet to try dance workouts then it's the perfect way to break in gently.

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