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The 5 fashion essentials for every woman’s wardrobe
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The white shirt


 - The white shirt
Why we heart it: Because it immediately brightens up our complexion and outfit. It’s never dull and you can wear it with everything and it plays the part you want it to. Buttoned up, it shows your good-girl side, half-opened it discreetly reveals your cleavage and when worn long it can help to hide undesirable curves. A real must-have!

How to choose it: To find the GWS (Great White Shirt), as the American fashion specialists call it, you  need to opt for a good quality, fairly thick cotton in immaculate white with a simple classic shape, discreet buttons and a straight collar.

Fashion tips:
-    For a better fit: if you like to tuck your shirt in your trousers or skirt, choose a bodysuit version to avoid ugly creases.
-    Cherish your shirt: to preserve its shape, use wooden hangers instead of metal ones; rub Savon de Marseille (natural household soap) on the collar, wrists and armpits before washing it with very hot water; and avoid tumble drying as it damages the fibres.

On the red carpet… During the 1998 Oscars ceremony, the gorgeous Sharon Stone made a noticeable appearance in a Vera Wang silk lavender skirt and a very simple white shirt designed by the high-street brand Gap! Unforgettable!


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