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The 5 fashion essentials for every woman’s wardrobe
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The tuxedo jacket


Why we heart it: Because it allows us to borrow an item from the male wardrobe without making us look like a tomboy! Thanks to its neutral and dark colour you can combine it with any shade. Its wide satin border provides a sophisticated touch and its cut gives your outfit an extra little dose of style!
 - The tuxedo jacket

How to choose it: Not too large – you don’t want to look like you’re drowning in it! And not too long, else it will “cut” your figure in half. Go for black, dark blue or, for the most daring, white! Make sure it’s well-cut and tailored with satin-lined sleeves which you can reveal by turning them over, and always leave the last button opened.

Fashion tips:
-    To look sexy: wear it with nothing underneath to reveal your cleavage! But don’t forget to close it properly!
-    For a casual chic look: team it with jeans and a white vest top. Complete the look with a pair of stilettos!
-    For a boho look: combine it with a lace vintage dress and military boots.

On the red carpet… In 1966 Yves Saint Laurent designed the famous tuxedo suit for women. Since then, the world’s most beautiful women have worn it at some point. From Catherine Deneuve to Kate Moss, who 45 years later, paid tribute to it by wearing it in the ad for the fragrance La Parisienne by... Yves Saint Laurent!


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