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The 5 fashion essentials for every woman’s wardrobe
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A pair of black trousers


©Elégance  - A pair of black trousers
Why we heart them: They’re just what we need in a fashion emergency! When you don’t know what to wear and you’re running out of time, slip into a pair and suddenly the emergency’s over. For a job interview, a party without a specific dress code, an art opening… they’re always perfect! And they even make us look slimmer. Meet your new best friend!

How to choose them: Like with jeans, there’s no way you’re going to become a fashion victim! Try on as many styles (high or low waist, straight legged, bell-bottoms, harem trousers, leggings…) as necessary to find the perfect fit. Go for fabrics which won’t stretch after the first wash.

Fashion tips:  
-    Care instructions : in order to keep your black trousers for as long as possible, take them to the dry cleaner’s from time to time.
When the colour starts to fade, dye them in black dye. They will look brand new!
-    Your little resect: For more discretion, always wear dark or flesh-toned underwear. White knickers can be seen through thin fabrics!

Did you know? In France an 18th century law forbade women to wear trousers, or if they did they had to obtain permission from the police! What’s even more surprising is that this law hasn’t been repealed and still exists! But of course it’s no longer applied…


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