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Tricks and tips for an active new year
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Set a goal


 - Set a goal
This year no more running round in circles! Big or small, set goals for yourself and establish a realistic agenda to reach them. The goal? Get to the 31st of December 2012 with the sense of pride of having accomplished something… whatever it is!
-          Stop smoking
-          Repaint your house
-          Adopt 3 environmentally-friendly habits
-          Lose those 2 kilos which keep you out of your favourite pair of jeans
-          Set some money aside every month (even a little amount)
-          Update your CV just in case…
-          Do some charity work
-          Tidy your cupboards… especially the one you daren’t open anymore!
-          Organise your paperwork
-          Take the time to read at least one book a month
-          Now it’s your turn to choose your project!


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