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Tricks and tips for an active new year
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Move your body


 - Move your body
An active year also means building up a firm and healthy body. Is it really necessary to list the benefits of regular physical activity for your body and soul? Of course not, but you still have to get down to it. Come on, all you need is a little bit of courage. You’ll thank us!
-          Whatever the weather, force yourself to walk at least 20 minutes a day: to work, to pick up the kids or the groceries. Make it an energetic walk. For extra fun don’t forget your headphones and favourite music! That way, you’ll benefit from the natural light of day which is necessary to reload your batteries.
-          Do your abdominal and bum exercises at least 10 minutes a day (in front of the TV, while listening to the radio, on the phone with a friend, etc.)
-          Enrol for an activity with a friend or colleague. It’s much easier to get motivated when there’s two of you. Choose a fun and tension-releasing exercise: zumba, spinning, aerobics, etc.


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