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Tricks and tips for an active new year
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Detox… everything!


 - Detox… everything!
To feel energetic, you must feel lighter. To do so, you must get rid of anything which clutters your body and mind. So set yourself in detox mode!
-          Adopt the “Peace and Love” reflex to have a healthier diet: imagine your plate is divided like a peace symbol. Fill the upper left part with protein, the upper right part with vegetables and the smaller lower part with starchy foods. Finish your meal with a dairy product.
-          Take a course of vitamins, magnesium and probiotics to boost your immune system.
-          Go easy on alcoholic drinks and opt for green teas or maté tea which clean the body and pep you up!
-          Every morning, rub yourself from head to toe with an energising body oil, and once a week use a scrub with grinded coffee beans (a cheap solution to reactivate blood circulation and get rid of cellulite).
-          Sort through your address book and Facebook account to remove anyone harmful or energy-zapping (e.g. clingy people, a friend who’s constantly complaining and never giving anything back in return…)
-          Once a week, turn off all screens (TV, computer, smartphone) and enjoy your free time to do other interesting things!



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