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People On Instagram Are Prettifying Their Pits With Tattoos

by Helen Turnbull ,
People On Instagram Are Prettifying Their Pits With Tattoos© Instagram

If it's not festival goers rubbing their bums and boobs in glitter, it's brave souls prettifying their pits with tattoos - beauty knows no bounds in this day and age. Barely a day goes by without a new trend emerging from our Instagram feeds and today is the turn of armpit tattoos. Not convinced it'll catch on? This lot may persuade you otherwise.

While we all melt and complain through a rare Great British Heatwave, doing everything in our power to keep our sweating pits out of sight, some flesh-flashers are making their armpits the main talking point of their summer look. The humble pit has come out of hiding, freeing itself from synthetic shirts to have a long-overdue makeover.

Men and women - with significantly higher pain thresholds than my own - alike have resorted to prettifying their pits with all variety of nature-inspired tattoos as a sort of fingers up to beauty standards. A quick search of #armpittatoos on Instagram returns no less than 7,000 examples so if you're stuck for inspiration, you know where to go.

But if you're thinking about jumping on the bandwagon, it's worth noting that the armpit is one of the most sensitive body parts so you can expect a certain level of pain and discomfort. If you think you can handle that, feast your eyes on these designs:-

Armpit tattoo © Instagram
Armpit tattoo
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Would you ever get your armpit tattooed? Let us know your thoughts on this latest trend at @soFeminineUK

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