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Rosé Wine Deodorant Is Here So Now You Can Raise Your Pits To Happy Hour

by Rose Adams ,
Rosé Wine Deodorant Is Here So Now You Can Raise Your Pits To Happy Hour

We're all aware of the popularity of boozy brunches right now, but what if you can't wait until 12pm to get your rosé fix? What if you could satisfy your craving even earlier in the day - say during your morning shower routine? Well, now you can, because rosé deodorant is finally here and it gives a whole new meaning to rosé all day! We'll take 100 please.

Gone are the days when we had to consume it the old fashioned, frankly boring way by drinking it in a glass full of ice, because this is 2017 people, the year of unicorn tear gin and er, breadcrumb eyebrows.

As if we needed any more proof that our rosé obsession is out of control, now we no longer have to get our pink fizz fix the ordinary way, because as well as sucking on rosé flavoured ice lollies or sipping on frosé, we can coat our armpits with it too thanks to rosé deodorant.

American natural deo brand Native have launched a line of natural deodorants all inspired by booze. The limited edition 'Brunch Scents' collection pack includes three full-sized bars of Rosé, Sangria, and Mimosa scented varieties and we're totally here for it.

If that doesn't make you want to buy it in bulk, they are also made without any parabens or aluminium, so you can roll away the natural way. Of course, they're currently sold out on Native's online store but you can still sign up to join the waitlist here. Race ya!

Chin, chin - or should I say armpit, armpit?

Do you think rosé deo is a genius idea or just our obsession with the pink stuff gone too far? Let us know your thoughts @SoFeminine

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Rose Adams
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