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I Tried The Latest In Cellulite-removal Technology And This Is What Happened

by Helen Turnbull ,
I Tried The Latest In Cellulite-removal Technology And This Is What Happened© WeHeartIt

Cellulite is just one of the many characteristics we women are made to feel is something we should be ashamed of throughout our lives. This common insecurity isn't helped by the fact our social media feeds are increasingly saturated with streams of superbly smooth skin as everyone but you jets off to the furthest corners of the world. But if the thought of stripping down to your swimwear smalls fills you with dread, we may just have the thing to cure your beach-body blues.

I'm as self-conscious as the next person when it comes to stripping down to a (suitably on-trend) one or two-piece during my long-awaited summer holiday and while I've tried everything in the book to achieve the unattainable beach body, aside from fully committing to rigorous exercise regime and stomach-flattening diet, I'm fresh out of options except to grin and bare it.

So you can imagine my joy when I was approached by Georgics Tzenichistos i.e. the king of cellulite-busting technology to trial his latest offering just in time for peak bikini season. The Meso-CRF Body Turmeric treatment by London-based cellulite specialists LipoTherapeia combines the best in nature and technology to give long-lasting, skin-tightening results after just one round. Deep tissue radio frequency - which is widely known as the most effective in skin-tightening technology - is used in conjunction with turmeric and purified green tea extracts, resveratrol, cocoa polyphenols and hyaluronic acid in the invasive but pain and downtime-free procedure.

Devised by Georgios himself - who boasts 17 years of anti-cellulite experience - the Meso-CRF Body Turmeric treatment is different to anything that's come before it as it's stronger and more focused than other radio-frequency-based treatments. He says: "I have specialised in cellulite and skin tightening for the last 17 years. Over those years I have researched and practically tried all the major technologies available. Deep Tissue Radiofrequency comes out on top as the most effective technology available today for those aesthetic problems." Additionally, Georgios is qualified in natural ingredients, too, having created his own anti-cellulite creams and therefore you can be reassured the extracts used in the treatment are the most effective available.

So what does Meso-CRF Body Turmeric involve? If you're body conscious, the need to be splayed out on your front in just your knickers may be a daunting prospect but Georgios did everything to put me at ease and reassure me I'd feel no pain at any point. And I'd convinced myself the finished results would be worth the initial embarrassment. He then scanned a massager-type tool over the necessary areas, a massager that omits high-intensity monopoly radio frequency, penetrating down to the source of the cellulite. While the treatment is described as pain-free, the heat proved a little too much for the sensitive skin on the back of my legs to handle. Georgios spent 30 minutes on each leg busting the cellulite but I chose to stop 10 minutes short of my one hour slot as my thighs felt like they were on fire - a sunburn-like sensation. I put this down to my low pain threshold and dislike of heat rather than the nature of the treatment itself. But you know what they say, 'no pain, no gain'.

While my legs felt tender on leaving the clinic, they retuned to normal soon after and I was able to sit comfortably at my desk for a full eight hours with minimal complaints, following my morning appointment.

I made a conscious effort not to examine my legs in the mirror immediately afterwards as Georgios was keen to reiterate that the results aren't visible overnight - they're more long-term. While I did notice that my skin was increasingly smoother over the following week or so (I'm not prepared to plaster photos of my bare arse over the Internet so you'll just have to believe me), it was stubborn and returned to its original state after two weeks which was disappointing but it's recommended you book in for a few sessions so I can't complain. If I had a spare £600 every month, this would be high on my shopping list but bathing in £9.99 Bio Oil will have to suffice until then.

Meso-CRF treatments cost £200 per session and are exclusively available at LipoTherapeia, The Hale Clinic, 7 Park Crescent, London, W1B 1PF. Discounts available for courses of 6x or 12x sessions

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Helen Turnbull
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