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8 Beauty Tricks To Disguise A Crooked Nose

by Lareese Craig ,
8 Beauty Tricks To Disguise A Crooked Nose

Noses come in all beautiful shapes and sizes and that's OK. But if your crooked nose is affecting your confidence then you could start with giving these beauty tricks a go. Here's how to disguise a crooked nose.

  1. · Blend away bumps
  2. · Balancing it out
  3. · Use a highlighter
  4. · Ditch the bold lipsticks
  5. · Speaking of smokey eyes...
  6. · Avoid slick hairstyles
  7. · Try the feline flick
  8. · Contour like a pro

From bumps and lumps to crooked shapes and uplifting nostrils, no two noses are the same but that doesn't stop us from wanting the dream snout. Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian, Scarlett Johansson amiright?!

Thanks to this little thing called contouring, you may have heard of it, there's a few nifty beauty tips that can help a crooked nose appear straighter.

1. Blend away bumps

Soften any bump by applying a dark foundation or concealer directly onto the raised area and blending. Then with a lighter shade, line either side of the nose, starting at the top and going right down to the nostrils. This will create the illusion of a smoother, slimmer nose.

2. Balancing it out

Even out your crooked nose with a clever parting. If your bump falls on the left side or your tip angles to the left, part your hair to the right. This will draw attention away from the centre of your face.

3. Use a highlighter

Use the classic Kim K light-throwing trick by applying highlighter straight down the bridge of your nose. If you're a little dubious of going OTT with the light-reflecting particles, simply replace the highlighter with your light concealer.

4. Ditch the bold lipsticks

You might think the bolder the lipstick the better for drawing attention away from your nose but a bright hue is likely to do the opposite. Stick with nude, soft pinks and subtle colours instead - perfect for working with a smokey eye.

5. Speaking of smokey eyes...

Smoking out your peepers will divert attention upward from your nose. Paired with a flawless complexion, clever contouring and a swipe of lipgloss you'll be creating drama in all the right ways.

6. Avoid slick hairstyles

If your hair is pulled off your face, your nose instantly becomes more prominent, especially from profile. The same goes for a full fringe. Instead, opt for softer styles such as a bouncy blow out or a loose plait to detract from the centre of your face.

7. Try the feline flick

Use eyeliner flicks to elongate your eye shape. Creating the illusion of wider eyes will open up this section of your face, thereby flattening your nose.

8. Contour like a pro

Using a flat brush and a contour cream two shades darker than your natural skin tone, line either side of your nose. Make sure you shade in where your nostrils curve in and out too. Next, use the Marilyn Monroe trick to shade a 'V' shape on the tip of your nose down to the nostrils - drawing lines all over your nose sounds crazy but once it's all blended in, it can be really effective.

Now take a lighter contour shade, ideally a couple of shades lighter than your natural skin colour, and highlight straight down the centre of your nose. Buff the product into the skin using your beauty blender, remembering the angled edges around your nostrils - no one wants a streaky makeup faux pas.

Lastly, 'bake' your makeup with translucent powder before buffing off the excess - skip this step and your contouring efforts will be wasted my friend.


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