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Turns Out, Pizza Is Actually A Pretty Decent Makeup Remover

by Pascale Day ,
Turns Out, Pizza Is Actually A Pretty Decent Makeup Remover© We Heart It

Ahh pizza: the solution to most of life's problems. Well, maybe all of them now that we've discovered that pizza grease is actually super effective at removing our makeup.

As most of us who have ever divulged in a nice, greasy burger whilst donning our fave MAC lipstick will know, it's no easy feat to keep it in place past the first bite. So it's not too surprising, then, that beauty bloggers have discovered that one of the best, albeit gross, ways to remove a full face is with greasy food - namely a big ol' slice of pizza.

Yep, turns out pizza is like a delicious, comestible swiss army knife: not only does it solve all your hunger issues at the end of a night out, but it's also actually pretty great at taking off that pesky waterproof mascara before you flop into bed.



Now, before you go slapping a piping hot slice right on that mug of yours, remember it's just the grease that removes your makeup, so don't waste a perfectly good pepperoni passion by wrapping it around your face. You've got yourself a pizza that can do both: act as a cotton wool pad smothered in makeup remover and be enjoyed as a delicious treat with friends in front of Love Island.

And if you need proof, Seventeen writer Kelsey Stiegman tried the method out for herself using Wet n Wild's MegaLast Matte Liquid Lipstick - a lippie that she says "could withstand an atomic bomb." She rubs the grease on her lips and leaves it for several minutes before using a napkin on her mouth to remove the lipstick and guys - it totally works.

Now, if there was ever a good excuse to get glammed up and order copious amounts of Domino's, this is it. All in the name of beauty, right?

Will you be trying this? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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