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Tried & Tested: The Naturally-indulgent Hand Cream

by Victoria Williams ,
Tried & Tested: The Naturally-indulgent Hand Cream

There are two types of people in the world: those who apply hand cream at their desk on the hour every hour and those hate the, often greasy, feeling of a lotion on their skin. Some like to indulge in a luxury, beautifully scented, hand cream and some turn to old, fuss-free favourites to rescue chapped hands. ARK Skincare's Body Beautiful Hand & Nail Cream promises all the luxury of the indulgent hand creams we love but with all natural ingredients. We put it to the test...

  1. · Victoria - Community & Product Reviews Manager
  2. · Helen - Social Media Editor
  3. · Pascale - Staff Writer
  4. · Rose Adams - Social Media Assistant

Victoria - Community & Product Reviews Manager

Hand cream is the one thing in my beauty routine that often passes me by. Thankfully, I don't suffer greatly from dry hands so I usually think I can go without but that's not to say I don't feel the positive effects when I do make the effort. The ARK Skincare Intensive Hand & Nail Cream from the 'Body Beautiful' range has 100% natural ingredients - perfect for someone like me who can sometimes suffer from seemingly-random reactions to certain body care products. With raspberry and cocoa butter to nourish, it leaves my hands feeling immediately soft and without that greasy feeling often left by certain hand creams. The natural mix of rosemary, sage, ylang-ylang and jasmine creates a strong but beautiful fragrance that gives me major spa vibes - much more health and safety-friendly than burning our fave candles at our desks.

If your nails are also looking a bit sorry for themselves then the Keratin Amino Acid will sink in to encourage healthy, strong nails and if age spots are a concern, then the red algae is on hand to brighten ageing skin. If you're looking for a hand cream that has all the luxury qualities of those found in high-end brands but is all natural and cruelty-free, then don't worry about looking any further - this is it. Now it looks like I'm one of those gals with a hand cream permanently on, well, hand.

Helen - Social Media Editor

I can't say I'm a hand-cream connoisseur but I can recognise an effective product when I see one. I also can't say hand cream is a product I have to hand 24/7 and will often find myself lathering my hands in the nearest greasy lotion every time the temperature drops as we all know chapped, crusty fingers don't make for a good look. You can rest assured that using the ARK Skincare Intensive Hand & Nail Cream will leave no such greasy film and instead, the product hydrates the skin by reinforcing the skin's natural moisture barrier. It's also free from a overpowering scent so you won't be at risk of any snarky comments from your colleagues when you whip it out at your desk.

Pascale - Staff Writer

This hand cream brings all the girls to the yard and they're like, your hands are so soft, damn right your hands are so soft, they can have some, but only a small blob.

Anyway, back to me: I have old lady hands. I realise every week I paint a very unflattering image of myself and I don't doubt that if my picture wasn't above, people would be convinced that I was an actual Gremlin, but I can't deny it: my hands are dry all the time. And so, like any OAP, I'm always applying one hand cream or another. What I look for in a hand cream is a nice smell and the ability to de-scale these clappers. This ARK hand cream does both with aplomb, with no greasy residue. And listen to this: it contains raspberry and cocoa butter. Just imagine how delicious that smells. That's what all the best Christmas sweets taste like. Do yourself a favour and pop it in your handbag - you'll be getting some serious hand compliments on the regular, trust me.

Rose Adams - Social Media Assistant

Forget photos, notebooks or biros because when it comes to desk-side essentials, hand cream is the item I can't get through the day without. I have no choice in the matter when the temperature only has to drop one degree and my hands are left drier than Gandhi's flipflop. But finding one that puts a stop to the soreness and cracking is no easy task. I feel like Goldilocks, searching for one that's just right: some formulas are too greasy, some too thick and others not thick enough. You get the picture.

Luckily for me, I've found my match in this ARK Skincare gem. The consistency is just right without being greasy and only a couple of applications were needed throughout the day to leave my hands and cuticles feeling super soft. Oh and it smells yummy too which is a bonus. I'm stocking up and you should, too.

We will be giving 30 ARK Skincare Hand & Nail Creams away this week on Experts Club. For more information about ARK Skincare visit their website here.

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Victoria Williams
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