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Tried & Tested: The 100% Natural 5 Minute Miracle Mask

by Victoria Williams ,
Tried & Tested: The 100% Natural 5 Minute Miracle Mask

Natural beauty is a fast-growing industry. Just as our food choices are becoming 'cleaner' so too are our skincare and cosmetic options with beauty lovers turning to organic products to ensure their skin is as chemical free as their courgetti. We tested out the Abyssinian Oil 5 Minute Miracle Mask from 100% natural brand Beauty Kitchen to see if organic beauty products are just as effective as the rest...

Lareese - Editor

I have combination skin, which actually translates as I have an oily AF forehead and dry nose/chin area, so you could say I'm totally cursed. However, contrary to the belief that you should avoid oily products if you have oily skin, oil-based products can actually help dissolve sebum and grease without stripping your skin. Which is good news for me because my nighttime routine would not suffice without an evening of oil to go with it.

I'm a huge advocate for natural skincare products but they seem to get a bit of a bad rep for not being as effective on your skin as their chemical counterparts. Well, this oil mask offering from Beauty Kitchen is here to debunk that myth. The advanced treatment not only smells great but it just so happens to restore all calm on the skin front, too. Happy nose, happy pores - it's a win-win situation.

The product targets congested pores and draws out impurities, leaving your skin soft, supple and clean but without any of the tightness that some harsh products can cause.

I'm starting to realise that if a product involves using a warm muslin cloth to remove it, the chances are I'm gonna like it so I'm going to stick with this for a while. So far we're proving to be a pretty slick pair.

Victoria - Community & Product Reviews Manager

As someone whose skin is quite easily irritated and sensitive to strong fragrances and alcohol in products, I've recently become more intrigued by natural beauty products but quite honestly didn't know where to start. Enter: Beauty Kitchen where everything is 100% natural and organic so you don't have to worry yourselves by sitting in the aisles of Boots trying to make sense of the ingredients list on the back of packaging.

If you're like me and didn't have the faintest clue what Abyssinian Oil was before reading this then here's a very quick rundown. Abyssinian Oil comes from the Crambe Abyssinian plant (yeah, me neither), is high in Omega 3, is deeply nourishing and is more effective than Argan Oil. Sold yet? It also provides protection against dehydration which is the main cause of fine lines and wrinkles. Hoorah! Argan Oil is so 2015.

The 5 Minute Miracle Mask is a creamy texture and can either be applied all over the face, neck and decolletage or just on problem areas. I chose to just apply the mask around my chin and forehead as this is where my skin often looks, and feels, congested due to a build up of products and that filthy London pollution.

​The mask claims to draw out impurities and give you a youthful glow and after wearing the mask for 15 minutes (I'm too stubborn to keep it on for just 5) my skin felt clearer and smoother. If you're looking for a mask that is 100% natural, but just as effective as your usual brands, then try out Beauty Kitchen and see if you can make the switch to organic skincare that's also kinder to the environment.

Helen Turnbull - Social Media Editor

I love a face mask as much as the next person - Lush's Mask of Magnaminty is a personal favourite - but I'm often at a loss on what's the best option for my skin. Put simply, the world of face masks is a minefield if, like me, you're not au fait with the science of skincare. That's where Beauty Kitchen comes in - the newest 100% natural beauty brand that promises everyday luxury for high-street prices.

I was keen to try the Abyssinian Oil 5 Minute Miracle Mask as 1. I've not used an oil-based face mask before and 2. Abyssinian oil - tell me more. Billed as the better alternative to Argan oil and somewhat of beauty's best kept secret, this new ingredient is said to be an effective moisturiser that promotes smooth, supple skin and can even help smooth out fine lines. So far, so good. Its face-cleansing properties are also something to boast about as after applying a thin layer of the bottled mask to my face and rinsing it off, my skin felt properly cleansed and revitalised. If you're cynical of natural beauty brands, you needn't be and I reckon this product is a good starting point for any organic virgins.

Beauty Kitchen is available in Holland & Barrett stores across the UK.

We will be giving away 50 5-Minute Miracle Masks from Beauty Kitchen away to be tested on Experts Club this week!

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Victoria Williams
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