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Tried & Tested: The Facial SPF That Feels Like Velvet

by Victoria Williams ,
Tried & Tested: The Facial SPF That Feels Like Velvet

We've all heard it before: sun damage is the biggest visible sign of ageing and yet so many of us don't include a facial SPF in our everyday skincare routine. Sure, we slather it on when we're on a sun lounger in the blistering heat but UVA rays can penetrate through to our skin even on a cloudy day. We tested out FrezyDerm's Sunscreen Velvet SPF with 'Second Skin Technology' to see if we could become SPF converts...

Victoria - Community & Product Reviews Manager

Just as they say 'a dog is not just for Christmas' a facial SPF isn't just for holiday. Skincare experts everywhere swear by SPF as the one product you need in your skincare routine to try and prevent visible signs of ageing. We've all seen those people at the pool on holiday who are beautifully bronzed but look 63 when they are actually 40. This is what we're trying to avoid here, people. I wanna be 63 but look 40. That's the dream.

When I noticed that fine lines under my eyes were becoming something I couldn't ignore when I looked in the mirror I vowed to add a dedicated facial SPF in to my skincare routine. That means one other than the SPF that was included in my high street foundation that had sweated off my face by midday. Until I tried FrezyDerm's Sunscreen Velvet SPF, I struggled to find one that didn't feel greasy on my skin or didn't break me out after wearing them day after day. Even SPF that was aimed at sensitive skin didn't agree with me and so I tried to avoid using it when I could and only when I knew I was going to be out in the sun for a long time.

The FrezyDerm Suncreen Velvet is not like the thick and oily lotions you may be used to. It is a clear, non-greasy texture that feels more like a primer on the skin than a sunscreen, leaving a matte finish that is ready for makeup to be applied straight away. No more waiting round for everything to sink in. WHO has time for that in the mornings?

I once heard someone say the best SPF for your skin is the one that you will pick up everyday and actually want to use and after finding myself avoiding all the others I tried I think this might just be 'the one'.

Helen Turnbull - Social Media Editor

Sun cream shun cream - we all know we're supposed to wear it daily to slow down the effects of ageing but how many of us actually do? Not me! Too often do I associate SPFs with the cheap, greasy liquids my parents used to lather me in every hour spent by the pool on family holidays way back when but times have moved on. One, there's all sorts of skin-friendly, sun screens out there and two, no longer is it the responsibility of my dear mum and dad to protect my skin from the sun's rays so I was keen to see if FrezyDerm's Sunscreen Velvet Face SPF could convert me yet.

I was sold at the name tbh - how can you not be intrigued by a bottle that says 'velvet face'? I'm pleased to say it lived up to its name, giving me velvety-soft skin as opposed to slimy skin like many of the sun screens before it. It gives a matte finish meaning your skin is suitably prepped for make-up application immediately - if you use just the right amount you won't have to wipe off any excess but it's near-on impossible to apply too much. Because it's oil-free you can be assured you won't be left with a five o'clock shadow - it lasts for 6 hours but as I applied make-up over the top, this was slightly less. I can safely say I will be applying this under my make-up from now on - when I remember that is.

Rose Adams - Social Media Assistant

I'm a self confessed sun worshipper, always have been. I love how a healthy glow can make you feel brighter, more confident and just generally like you can take on the world - which is why you'll find me basking in the sun's harmful rays at every opportunity. I've tried a whole range of different facial sun creams in my time, but their greasy consistency never fails to bring me out in unsightly spots, making me want to avoid the whole SPF thing altogether. BUT my fear of looking like a vintage leather handbag in ten years time has meant I've continued the search for my perfect match, and I'm glad I did as it bought me to Frezyderm Sun Screen Velvet.

I've worn this all through the summer and am delighted to admit the light texture of the 'second screen technology' has yet to awaken my adult acne, making it a hit with this tanorexic. The light cream goes on the face a bit like a BB cream in that it mattifys shine and moisturises, while adding a touch of a 'glow' to the face which I found a godsend on no make-up days. Apply it each morning before your make up and wave goodbye to wrinkle anxiety - there's no chance you'll look a well worn Mulberry when Sun Screen Velvet's on your mush.

For more information about FrezyDerm Suncreen Velvet visit their website here.

We will be giving away 30 Sunscreen Velvet's from FrezyDerm away to be tested on Experts Club this week!

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Victoria Williams
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