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Tried & Tested: Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Self-tanning Oil

by Victoria Williams ,
Tried & Tested: Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Self-tanning Oil

These days self-tan comes in just about every formula under the sun. There's lotions, foams, mousses, mists, serums and oils. You can go gradual, develop overnight or tan in an instant. Heck, you can even tan IN the shower these days. Thankfully, things have moved on from the days of waking up with a green tinge and smelling like you've spent the night rolling around in digestive biscuits. With a glorious coconut scent, we put Bondi Sands' new Liquid Gold Self-tanning Oil to the test...

  1. · Victoria - Community & Product Reviews Manager
  2. · Helen - Social Media Editor
  3. · Rose - Social Media Assistant
  4. · Lareese - Editor

Victoria - Community & Product Reviews Manager

In the ongoing search for the perfect fake tan, I feel like I've tried just about everything. The fact of the matter is, life is better when I'm tanned. I'm a new woman, I make better life choices, I'm capable of anything. Just when I think I'm about ready to conquer the world someone points out that my ankles are patchy, I've missed in-between my fingers and I'm exuding a slightly unpleasant smell. Searching for the right tan doesn't come easy and you have to kiss your metaphorical frogs before you find the one.

Self tans can often be drying on my skin but thanks to the Argan Oil in the Bondi Sands Liquid Gold it felt like I was nourishing my skin whilst tanning. The formula makes it easy to spread evenly unlike some foam formulations that I find gather in one area on my skin. The oil developed to give me a deep golden colour rather than orange streaks and smelt like pina coladas - result! Sidenote: I'm a massive fan of the Bondi Sands gradual tanning lotion as well for a light, everyday tan that doesn't require much effort so if you're after something a little more subtle and low-maintenance then give that one a go.

Helen - Social Media Editor

You know what they say 'I'm a nicer person when I'm tan' and that's even more true when achieving aforementioned tanned status requires minimal effort. I'm pleased to report that lathering yourself in Bondi Sands new Liquid Gold self-tanning oil is an easy feat, even for fake-tan first-timers. Treat yourself to an extra ten minutes in the bathroom and you'll emerge with a goddess-like, Instagram-wrothy glow. Bondi Sands' new product has been my go-to for a few months (the few times an outfit has forbid milk-bottle legs that is), after upgrading from Geordie favourite St. Moritz (a £2.99 version of St. Tropez).

As with all fake tan products, you have to moisturise beforehand - especially in those stubborn parts like elbows and knees. Once suitably moisturised, it's a simple case of spraying the tan on the necessary areas and rubbing in with gloved hands but not that much of that is required as the oil glides onto skin and doesn't collect in certain areas unlike many other tanning products. Remember what I said about minimal effort? Bondi Sands will transport you to its namesake for the hours before first washing it off as it boasts a sweet, summery smell which is a welcome change from digestive biscuits. For that reason alone, 10/10 would definitely recommend.

Rose - Social Media Assistant

As a self-confessed, long-term fake tan addict, I've tried just about every self tanner on the high street. From St. Tropez to St. Moritz, they've all been visible on my bod through my unsightly, patchy palms or orange knees at some point. It is for this reason that a new tanning innovation never fails to excite me, in the hope of achieving the perfect, flawless tan I yearn for, minus the aforementioned side effects.

I am already a fan of the Bondi Sands range, particularly their ultra dark mousse but as post-shower evening time is minimal, sometimes I'm guilty of skipping the moisturising stage which leads to orange patches. I'm happy to report the moisturising formula of this oil means you don't have to worry about missing that step, meaning more time for Netflix and chill.

I like my tan as dark as possible, and although this didn't deliver the mahogany tinge I'm used to, it still turned my pins a really nice natural, golden colour with (to my surprise) NO tangerine knees. That, combined with the tropical coconut scent that turned my bathroom into the Bahamas, means this tan addict is sold.

Lareese - Editor

I've had my fair share of fake-tan faux pas, let me tell you. From my sweet-sixteen days when I'd forever seek out the darkest shade on the market, despite my natural skin tone being very, very fair. I mean, I make Casper look like he's been sunning himself in Barbados for six months. If there's one thing my twenties have taught me, it's the more natural the better when it comes to fake tan and Bondi Sands deliver just that with their whole range.

I've been using their products for around two years now and they've yet to disappoint me. After all, Aussies do it best after all! I love their everyday face tanning milk for a natural, sun-kissed glow that I can touch up as and when I feel like my melanin levels need a little helping hand but for the rest of my bod - I leave that to Liquid Gold. The oil formula not only makes it nourishing on the skin but it facilitates the whole sweaty application process. I've also found the deep tan colour is the truest match for that vacay glow we all want in our lives. And, rightly said by the other Sofeminine squad, it smells like paradise just coughed up one fresh coconut and put it in a bottle. It makes changing your bed sheets totally worth it.

We will be giving 12 Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Self-tanning Oils away this week on Experts Club.

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