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Tried & Tested: The Innovative Exfoliator

by Victoria Williams ,
Tried & Tested: The Innovative Exfoliator

Cleanse, tone, moisturise and exfoliate twice a week. These are the steps we've always been told to follow for clean, baby soft skin. Thankfully, gone are the days of scouring away at your face with harsh, abrasive scrubs that leave your skin red raw. Liquid exfoliators and innovative products such as the Starskin Glowstar Peeling Perfection Puff make removing dead skin cells and unclogging pores a gentler affair. We put them to the test to see it was time to convert...

  1. · Lareese - Editor
  2. · Victoria - Community & Product Reviews Manager
  3. · Helen - Social Media Editor
  4. · Pascale - Staff Writer

Lareese - Editor

I'm good at cleansing, I'm good at moisturising but exfoliating? I really cba. I know, I know all that old skin needs buffing away but by the time I've spent 10 minutes doing everything else required of me and my pores, I just want to slide into my pjs and cake my breakouts in Sudocrem. Sheet masks, eye creams, body brushing, they're all well and truly on the list of things I'll never get round to doing and exfoliating, out of everything, is a very reliable weekly member on that list.

In that respect, Starskin's Glowstar Perfection Puff must have seen me coming. This handy little puff lifts away impurities and product build up without irritating your skin. The gentle foam is formulated with broccoli, celery, turnip, tomato and carrot, so by my book that's my five a day ticked off. Like most exfoliants, this one contains Glycolic Acid which increases cell turnover and leaves skin bright and beautiful. Just add a few drops of water to the puff until it starts to foam, work into your skin for 2-3 minutes and rinse. Voila! Skin is left smooth and radiance is restored and even I can get on board with that. Yes, the name's extremely satisfying to say but the glow it leaves behind? That's really worth shouting about.

Victoria - Community & Product Reviews Manager

I've been a bit of a liquid exfoliator convert ever since I discovered the iconic Pixi Glow Tonic and realised I could spend more time doing my skincare routine from my bed and less time getting in a mess over the bathroom sink. Saying this, I had never used anything like the Starskin Peeling Puffs before. The peeling puffs, though they might sound slightly scary, are super simple to use. You just add a few drops of water to the puff and it foams up ready to be gently scrubbed across your face.

After using the puff my skin felt smooth and appeared brighter - probably due to the endless list of illuminating ingredients. The puffs can each be used around three times so you get a bit more bang for your buck than a one-time mask but probably a little return on investment than a regular bottle of exfoliator. Still, they are lovely for an occasional treat.

Helen - Social Media Editor

I've probably tried every exfoliator in the book so what harm could another test drive do? No more than the harsh exfoliants I swore by up until the age of 20 or so I guess. You'll be pleased to know the STARSKIN Glowstar Foaming Soft Peeling Perfection Puff is as gentle as exfoliators come so if you're a sensitive-skin type, you can rest safe in the knowledge the at-home treatment won't cause any redness or such. The puff is the lazy girl's answer to a sophisticated skincare routine - to use it, it's a simple case of adding a few drops of water to the pad and glossing it over your face, creating a lather. The formula was soothing and it rinsed off super quick without blocking my bathroom sink - a downside to many of the grainy exfoliators. My skin felt firmer and it looked visibly brighter so I'll definitely be getting more use out of this wonder product.

Pascale - Staff Writer

I live in England, so by default I have dry skin nearly all year round due to gusty winds and cold cold weather. I need exfoliator. I can't live without it. If I didn't exfoliate, I'm pretty sure I would be shedding my skin like a snake with boobs on the regular. Gross. So basically any exfoliator is welcome in my shower caddy, and as such this week's product has made me a bit more biased than others. This week's product had me at "Advanced Exfoliation." Actually, this week's product had me at "Perfection Puff" because it sounds just so darn adorable.

Coming from someone who has that lucky combination of skin types that is sensitive and dry, yet oily and prone to spots (don't be jealous), the perfection puff is soft and gentle on the skin, which is the best you can ask for from an exfoliant. This bad boy isn't going to take a whole layer of your skin down the drain with it. And - AND - you can use it more than once. Oooh yeah. You don't just use it one time and then throw it away - this ain't one of yo' boyfriends, gurl! You can get a solid 4 goes out of one of these. It really is a perfection puff in so many ways.

We will be giving 10 Starskin Peeling Perfection Puffs this week on Experts Club

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