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Tried & Tested: The Tan That Tones Your Skin

by Victoria Williams ,
Tried & Tested: The Tan That Tones Your Skin

If there's one beauty product we love it's a multi-tasker. Our lives are becoming busier than ever before and when it comes to our beauty routine, time is of the essence. Sunkissed's new Rapid Tan & Tone Mousse from their Bronze Professional range not only promises to give you a gorgeous glow, it also contains a unique combination of vitamins to even out skin tone and make it appear visibly smoother and more toned. Let's see how it scrubs up!

  1. · Victoria - Community & Product Reviews Manager
  2. · Lareese - Editor
  3. · Pascale Day - Staff Writer
  4. · Rose Adams - Social Media Assistant

Victoria - Community & Product Reviews Manager

The search for the perfect tan is one that, for me, is seemingly never-ending. I either find they don't seem to make much of a difference, leaving me just as pale but with orange patches round my ankles, or they're so dark that I look like Ross Gellar after he counted his Mississippi seconds and massively regretted it. Luckily the Rapid Tan & Tone Mousse allows you to personalise your shade so you can choose to let it develop for one hour for a soft, warm glow or for four hours for a deeper bronzed tone. I chose 2 hours which is recommended for a 'beautiful golden tan' and now I'm just the right level of golden goddess if I do say so myself.

One bug bear I often have with self tanners is that they can leave my skin tight and dry, particularly on my legs, and especially if it's a mousse rather than a lotion. The Sunkissed Rapid Tan & Tone contains VitaTone - a mix of vitamins that nourish skin and make it appear smoother which meant I didn't get that tight uncomfortable feeling which I loathe. Ultimately this isn't going to replace your gym routine in terms of giving you killer biceps but as they say 'if you can't tone it, tan it'.

Lareese - Editor

Having had my fair share of fake tan disasters over the years - I'm talking weigh lifting / bikini championship kinda orange - being able to control just how bronze I end up is a huge selling point. I also tend to prefer mousse formulas as I think the application is always more even and consistent than a DIY spray formula. So far so good! And I haven't even got my tanning mitt on yet.

On first impressions (I've only used it twice) it does seem noticeably more moisturising than other self-tans I've tried and tested before, thanks to the healthy burst of vitamins and paraben-free formula. No fear of ending up with dry, scaly tiger bread legs here! It specifies three different development times depending on what level of Bali bod you're going for: 1 hour leaves you with a subtle, warm glow, 2 hours delivers a beautiful golden tan and 4 hours gives you a deep bronze coverage. I wanted something a little more than a subtle but not so tanned that my own family wouldn't be able to pick me out of a line up, so I opted for the 2 hour tan. True to its word, I was golden in time for that 8pm date with a sharing platter of nachos and guac all to myself.

The scent is light and tropical so even if I did happen to have company, rest assured I did not smell like a musky cat biscuit. As for the toning bit... well I still had rolls last time I checked but at least they're nicely toasted now.

Pascale Day - Staff Writer

Remember those two days of summer we had last week? Well, they weren't quite enough to get us the dream tan we wanted or were expecting. So we gotta get that glow some other way, and I think we here at SoFem can also agree that Sunkissed's Tan 'n' Tone formula works a treat.

I must admit, I'm not a big tanner. But these milky white limbs need it this year, and for someone who's anything but a tan aficionado, it's surprisingly easy to use - just one hour gave me the subtle glow, and on the plus side for all my friends, they no longer have to wear sunglasses when I'm wearing cut-offs. Everyone wins.

Rose Adams - Social Media Assistant

For me, self tan is right up there next to shelter, food and water in can't-be-without-them essentials we need to get through every day - I'll admit it, I'm addicted to the bronze life. And now that summer is so close we can almost smell it, it's time to up the tanning people. From patchy knees to orange palms and streaks, there's no DIY disaster I haven't experienced, but through my (more than) fair share of eek tanning moments, I've learned the valuable lesson that 80% of the problem is choosing the right product.

After trying out Sunkissed Rapid Tan & Tone, my pins were left soft and streak free. I like how it lets you pick your shade depending on how long you leave it on for, rather than a 'one shade fits all' vibe. I left it on for two hours on first application for a golden hue, then felt brave enough to leave it four hours the following week, which I actually preferred, as I like my tan as dark as my wardrobe. The scent of this one is lovely too, a sweet coconut smell that will transport you straight to a beach in Barbados rather than the biscuit tin. Bravo!

We will be giving away Sunkissed 30 Rapid Tan & Tone Mousses to be tested this week on Experts Club

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Victoria Williams
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