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'My Vagina Was On Icy Fire!' This Woman's Account Of Using Mint Shower Gel Is Relatable AF

by Rose Adams ,
'My Vagina Was On Icy Fire!' This Woman's Account Of Using Mint Shower Gel Is Relatable AF

There's nothing like a long, hot shower to wash away the stress of the day, is there? Well, unless you're using Original Source Mint shower gel and your lady flaps feel like they're on fire, that is. That's exactly what happened to this poor woman but rather than sending a strongly-worded complaint email to responsible company, she instead shared her experience with her Facebook friends instead and it's an account we can all relate to.

When it comes to keeping our nether regions clean, it's important to be careful about what we use down there because our vaginas are more sensitive than our emotions when we're hungover. But sometimes swapping our usual regime for a product we wouldn't normally choose is unavoidable, like when you step in for a soak and realise someone else has used the last of your expensive shower gel.

Spare a thought then for Australian mum Kirsten Roberts who experienced exactly that when her offspring peskily swapped her preferred body wash with a bottle of their own Original Source Mint & Tea Tree Shower Gel, widely known for its ability to deliver that highly unenjoyable 'flaps on fire' sensation.

Recounting the experience of her memorable shower time in a hilarious but hella relatable tone, graphically explaining how her poor vagina was on 'icy fire'. Ouch.

Kirsten said: "By the time I had hit my underarms, I sensed something was seriously adrift. My vagina was on icy fire. A sensation I had certainly never experienced before started to spread from my lady love bits, right through to all my back bits.

​"You know that sensation when you take a mouth full of Listerine mouthwash and it explodes your mouth open with the iciness of it? Yes. That."

"Imagine that arctic freshness spreading its way across all of those precious pieces of yours, my vagina was on icy fire."

Rushing to escape the shower and dry off, hoping the aforementioned sting would disappear, Kirsten admits her struggle still wasn't over. "Little did I know that there were more tricks in store for me. As I put one foot on the toilet seat to dry all my crevices, the luscious lady pops caught some fresh air."

"In that moment Jon Snow whispered in my ear "winter is coming" and the icy breeze took hold of all my bits with the intensity of my children barreling towards the door of a Maccas when I said they could have a special treat."

To prevent any more of us having to go through the pain of severely stinging flaps, Kirsten finished her post with a warning: "My friends, this body wash belongs in the aisle of the shop that has a PG rating."

Duly noted, Kirsten!

Has this horror story put you off using this mint shower gel? Let us know your thoughts @soFeminineUK

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