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Say hello to the EE cream: The new beauty must-have

by Lareese Craig Published on 6 January 2014
Say hello to the EE cream: The new beauty must-have© Think stock

If the latest cosmetic trend is anything to go by, beauty and brains can finally co-exist. We've all come to terms with the letter-loving creams thus far: the beauty balm (BB), the colour corrector (CC), the daily defence (DD) so one more alphabet-friendly product was bound to be the next step. Welcome the arrival of the EE cream. Confused? Don't be, it's as easy as A,B,C.

The beauty alphabet is something we were bombarded with last year and it looks like the power of language goes far beyond the realms of 2013.

Let's spell it out. The AA was first on the scene sent to tackle the peril of ageing, thereby translating as the Anti-Ageing cream, then the BB paved the way for flawless pores with its beauty balm formula, the CC took on colour correction whilst the DD did everything to manage our daily defences. Phew.

But if you thought the alphabet malarkey would stop there you were oh-so wrong. The EE is the latest beauty must-have on the scene and we're intrigued to find out what's in it for us.

The EE cream is for 'extra exfoliation' - something we all need in our post-party beauty arsenal. This time round there's zero comp between the other beauty buys since the EE focuses on the art of skincare rather than make-up. The BBs, CCs and DDs are all safe in their jobs.

The new double lettered delight from Previse Skincare contains EE MarineGranules which form a mousse that you add to your cleanser for extra exfoliating.

Although the product isn't set to launch until March, the market is already preparing for million pound success since it's meant to compete with the Clarisonic cleansing brush.

Who knows what glamorous hybrid they'll come up with next, firming foundation, glow gadget?

We're a bit EE-xcited for this one! Will you be putting this new beauty formula to the test? Tweet us @sofeminineUK

Lareese Craig
Lareese Craig - Published on 6 January 2014
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