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30 Sexy Tattoos That'll Inspire You To Get Inked

by Lareese Craig Published on 27 August 2015
30 Sexy Tattoos That'll Inspire You To Get Inked

You don't need to have bitten the tattoo bug to appreciate a good inking when you see one. From beautiful floral arm pieces to ditsy space art, these sexy tattoos are enough to convert a defiant needle-phobe. You'll see.

Tattoos on women... it's a hotly debated topic. Are they, as Kim Kardashian would put it, the equivalent of sticking a bumper sticker on a Bentley? Here's a look at the designs that are tasteful, feminine and a hella sexy. We'll let you decide the rest.

Tiny and discreet tats

These barely-there inkings are all kinds of cute, classy and easily hidden. Save your small print for those intimate moments. It's on a need to know basis!

sexy tattoos © Weheartit via @EddLoveMe

Carefully placed

Sometimes it's not so much about what the ink is, rather where it is. Between the shoulder blades, running underneath the collar bone or across the thigh, peeping out from under your bra - these are some of the sexiest places to get inked. Meow.

sexy tattoos © Weheartit via @argirw_blue

Quirky designs

When did space get this sexy? If you're thinking about getting inked why not embrace your eccentric side and go for something a little outside the box. Just look at those adorable knuckle planets!

sexy tattoos © Weheartit via @Irinaniky

Word wizards

If you're a quote of the day addict, you'll love these! From roman numerals to beautiful scrolly lettering - these wordy inkings are a calligrapher's dream.

sexy tattoos © weheartit via @voguesissy

Hours of art

These gals don't feel pain if their commitment to body art is anything to go by. From colourful thigh pieces to intricate sleeves these tattoos aren't for the faint-hearted.

sexy tattoos © weheartit via @PopRocky

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