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Sheep Placenta? Vaginal steaming? Bee Venom? The Most Extreme & Unusual Beauty Treatments Ever

by Vivian KELLY Published on 25 February 2014
Sheep Placenta? Vaginal steaming? Bee Venom? The Most Extreme & Unusual Beauty Treatments Ever© Getty

In the quest for clear beautiful skin women will go to great lengths to get the OMG results they’re looking for. Whether you’re weaving 24 karat gold through your dermis or feeding your pores with sheep’s placenta there’s always an extreme treatment available for hard core beauty addicts. But how far can the beauty industry go? With this question in mind, we scoured high and low for the 10 most extreme beauty treatments of all time.

The beauty industry is always launching new jaw-dropping treatments. From odd materials to live organisms and even poison - everything from the ordinary to the insane - if something has the power to make you look more beautiful, thousands of women are game.

These outlandish beauty treatments are constantly plodding their way down west, but sometimes we wonder if there should be a line drawn on how far they can go.

Most of us would prefer to avoid the dreaded needle or knife to turn back time, but are these extreme beauty treatments really any better?

​From buzzing bee venom to the finest caviar we’ve rounded up the 10 most unusual beauty treatments to date and some of the results were a little weird to say the least...

1. Bee Venom Facial

While no one wants a bee sting, no one wants to be stung by wrinkles either. That's why bee venom is one of the best beauty secrets for younger looking skin. No wonder there's a bee venom facial to be had.

Bee venom might sound nasty, but once it's converted into a cosmetic application (without the sting) it works to nurture cell regeneration, reduce fine lines, improve collagen production and reduce skin ageing including photo-ageing. And with honey’s anti-inflammatory powers, bee venom is the perfect treat for acne-prone skin.

The facial begins with a light chemical peel followed by a synergy of products that work together before the bee venom is applied. After 20 minutes you’re already on your way to clearer, beautiful skin (all without going under the knife). We promise this is a pain free facial.

RRP: £140
Where: Aesthetics of London

2. Venus Freeze Facial AKA 'The Facelift of the Future"

The on-the-go facial is loved by film stars and supermodels alike so there's no question why this is the latest spa splurge in America right now. The treatment, revolutionary for it's miracle benefits helps to tighten the skin's facial lines using Radio Frequency technology, while also reducing the appearance of wrinkles. While it works to make us look 10 years younger it also helps plump and soften the skin.

All you have to do is sit comfortably, close your peepers and let the pampering magic begin! Using Venus (MP2) magnetic fields, a gel will be applied to your skin to allow the applicator to glide freely over the dermis like a warming massage. And while it's called 'Venus Freeze' it's actually a warm and pleasant experience - the only thing you're freezing is time.

​The best part? You can use the treatment on any part of the body to smooth lines - and it can even be used to help banish stubborn cellulite leaving the skin revitalised and contoured.

RRP: £130 for 90 minutes.
Where: Find your nearest Venus Concept Centre here.

3. The Sheep Placenta Facial

This one sounds like downright nasty right? Applying sheep placenta on your skin? The thought makes us shudder, but apparently it can make us beautiful too.

If you're game for a facial it looks a bit like this. ​After a good cleanse, you'll be given a light chemical treatment to deeply exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin. The sheep placenta face mask is then carefully placed on your face for 20 minutes allowing it to penetrate deep into your pores.

The results will leave you walking out with smoother and younger looking skin. Fresh-skinned and beautiful!

What's more it also helps to regulate sebum production - it's a sheep given godsend for oily skin.

RRP: £140
Where: Aesthetics of London

4. Gold Thread Treatment

Gold is definitely a girl's best friend. But while we like to look at it on rings and things, how many of us are prepared to put it into our skin?

Using gold to fight the effects of ageing has been done since the sixties but that hasn't stopped us being slightly grossed out by the idea.

Using 24 carat gold thread, the treatment helps to improve skin elasticity and minimise wrinkles, acne, dark circles and much, much more. With surgical face lifts taking us out of the office for weeks at a time, this treatment is the perfect solution for a girl-on-the-go. Immediately after the procedure you can go back to work and it will last you between 8 and 15 years (more than your standard face lift).

But how does it work? Essentially gold thread is implanted into the skin with a 99.99% pure gold thread and needle. The implanted gold stimulates the body into creating more collagen and gives rise to a network of new blood vessels which in turn gives the skin a renewed firmness.

Perfect for combating wrinkles and sagging in style.

RRP: £600 for a targeted lift or from £3,600 for a full facelift
Where: Laserina Clinic in Manchester.

5. Vampire Face Lift

Make like Kim Kardashian with a flawless blood facial.

It's believed that your body’s own blood may have the powers to prevent wrinkleage and even reverse the signs of ageing. Because platelets are high in “growth factors” and proteins Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy is brilliant for healing injured or damaged skin.

After a small amount of blood is taken from you it's left aside to harvest a platelet rich plasma (ew). After, your specialist will re-inject your platelets releasing growth factors that trigger the surrounding cells to repair, plump and rejuvenate.

Sounds a little extreme, but would you go that extra (bloody) mile for glowing skin?

RRP: £450 for 1 session/ £1,250 for 3 treatments
Where: The London Cosmetic Clinic

6. Seaweed Facial

The Voya Ocean Fresh Facial is nothing too queasy (beats sheep placenta, right?). Your facialist will apply finely ground organic wet seaweed onto your face and immediately you'll start to feel the hydrating effects on your skin.

After the seaweed mask a seaweed infused gel will be applied to deeply hydrate, brighten and detoxify your skin.

RRP: £55.00
Where: The Landmark London

7. Smask Caviar Film Mask

Caviar, the goddess of gourmet food is now taking the beauty market by storm. But before you think about having hundreds of little fish eggs plastered over your face, you'll be pleased to hear that caviar can be easily formulated in cosmetic products.

Caviar masks use film-technology with hydrating and rejuvenating ingredients that slowly seep into the skin. A caviar treatment is rich in anti-ageing ketocarotenoid which means you’re guaranteed to get the salon standard results you want.

Post treatment skin feels smooth and hydrated while wrinkles and brown spots are significantly reduced.

Simply apply the smask over your face. Allow the mask to penetrate into your skin for 30 minutes and unwind. Remove and enjoy the amazing results!

RRP: £14.95 for 3 x Masks
Where: Exclusively available at Skin Shop or call 0844 700 9975

8. Cupping

The paparazzi have caught a host of celebrities trying to conceal purply ring marks on their backs, but even this ugly side effect doesn't stop celebs from trying cupping treatments for their many benefits.

A favourite of Gwyneth Paltrow, this ancient Chinese treatment involves glass cups that are heated with a burning taper and quickly placed over the selected area creating a vacuum effect on the skin. This treatment effectively focuses on the movement of blood, energy and body fluids, hence targeting the body tissue for immediate stimulation.

The procedure is known to increase circulation and detox the body. It helps aid ailments and many health woes including pain relief, sport injuries, chills, fevers and colds.

RRP: £75.00
Where: The Canary Wharf Clinic

9. Eye Brow Extensions

If thick brows don’t come naturally to you, don't despair, there’s a fabulous new way to achieve those power brows in a jiffy.

To achieve brows a la Cara Delevingne treat yourself to individual eyebrow extensions. Sounds strange, but apparently the new trend is the only way to really get the perfect frames you want.

Much like individual eyelash extensions, eyebrow extensions are applied to fill the gaps in the brow and extend the brow line. Unlike pencils or powders Brow Perfect creates volume and fills in naked gaps creating a thick flattering finish every fashion addict wants.

RRP: £25.00 for 15 minutes
Where: Lash Perfect

10. Vaginal Steaming

The latest rage taking over the US and Europe is the 'V-steam', otherwise known as vaginal steaming.

The down-there treatment involves sitting butt naked on an open-seated chair, where a humidifier emits a herb-infused steam for about 30 minutes. The cleanse reportedly helps relieve the nervous system, ease menstrual cramps, increase fertility and balance hormones while also helping to correct digestive disorders.

Apparently it feels like someone is blowing hot air on you, which can either be weirdly soothing or just plain creepy. If your vajayjay needs some TLC then this is for her. Right now there’s nowhere in the UK that offers the trendy treatment (just yet) but there’s always the option to try it as a cost-effective treatment at home. (Or you could just take a shower).

RRP: Free of charge. Find some top tips here on how to do it yourself.
Where: Hopefully in the privacy of your own home.

What's the most extreme beauty treatment you've tried? Tweet us @sofeminineUK

Vivian KELLY
Vivian KELLY - Published on 25 February 2014
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