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Too Faced Are Launching Glitter Face Masks To Guarantee *Glowing* Skin

by Rose Adams ,
Too Faced Are Launching Glitter Face Masks To Guarantee *Glowing* Skin

We're not quite sure why but everything looks better when it's covered in glitter, right? From cupcakes to partings, there's something about sparkle that can take literally anything from meh to magical in one sprinkle. Case in point: the humble face mask. Yup, our skin saviour since day dot has gone and got itself a glow up courtesy of beauty brand Too Faced.

Blame it on our unhealthy obsession with RuPaul's Drag Race, but we reckon everything looks better when it's covered with glitter; be it our outfits, eyelids, cheeks of both kinds, even our boobs - nothing can lift our moods, or make us feel more extra, than a layer of shimmering sparkles.

And while the beauty industry has already tapped into our love for all things glittered with the extensive lines of makeup and hair products on the market, they've yet to bring the sparkle into our skincare routines. Until now that is.

Co-founder and chief creative officer at Too Faced Cosmetics, Jerrod Blandino, (who if you're not already following, you need to be right this minute) has Instagrammed a sneaky video snippet of a woman applying a peel-off face mask laden with glitter and it's got us all kinds of excited.

Captioning the post, the beauty mogul teased: "#tfsneakypeek I'm working on something beyond Magical to make your skin Glow! #WeLiveInGlitter#GlitterMakesYouPretty#youveneverseenanythinglikethis #toofaced."

The glitter face mask will be Too Faced's first venture into skincare - the cult beauty brand is already well-known for its makeup products, including their 'Sweet Peach' and 'Chocolate Bar' eyeshadow palettes which rival Urban Decay's famous Naked palettes - a bold claim I know.

With no indication of a release date, price or er, anything else for that matter, ​Jerrod's given us that familiar, annoying ache we feel when a series ends on a cliffhanger and we can't act cool about it.

Keep your eyes fixed on Jerrod's Instagram for more details on this exciting product, but in the meantime, get your glitter fix by feasting your eyes on our glittering festival beauty looks instead. Silver linings, eh!

Is this the beauty innovation we've been waiting for? Let us know @soFeminineUK

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