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Has Topshop's Self-Love Message Totally Backfired?

by Lareese Craig ,
Has Topshop's Self-Love Message Totally Backfired?

Topshop have got a self-love message and we're not sure how to feel about it. They've collaborated with Central Saint Martins on a Freedom at Topshop jewellery competition, based on the concept "women in power". The winner created a line of temporary tats featuring moles, scars and freckles to celebrate imperfections but here's where the message fell flat...

Body confidence, positive periods, embracing our imperfections; it's all very topical right now, so what better time for a fashion powerhouse to join the party, even if it is with a temporary tattoo collection.

Topshop has teamed up with CSM to launch their women in power competition, which involved jewellery-design students going head to head to create a collection based on the words, "women in power".

The winning collection, available from today, was awarded to Lucie Davis for her line of temporary tattoos featuring scars, freckles, moles and spots.

The Topshop press release reads: "Living in the age of Photoshop and airbrushing tools, skin is always under pressure to be ‘perfect'. Lucie’s designs aim to leave a lasting impression by ultimately encouraging a greater appreciation and ownership of ourselves; highlighting imperfections and celebrating adversity."

Here's the thing. We get it, embracing your imperfections is where we wanna be at right now, but if you haven't got scars, or other features some might call 'imperfections' is that not ok too?

And what about the women that actually do have scars and moles, are they to cover them up with by giving them a gold glitter makeover and miss the point of self-love entirely?

We know Topshop's coming from a good place but there's got to be a fine line between highlighting imperfections and temporarily covering yourself in scars to celebrate our differences, only to scrub them off 2 days later. We can't help but feel this whole things has got a little bit far fetched.

If you've got scars or quirks or beauty spots, own that sh*t don't cover it up, if you haven't then equally, the message is the same. We should all love the skin we're in and we certainly shouldn't need a bunch of temporary tats to get that message across.

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