Cathy Guetta: wonder woman of the club scene

Cathy in our Paris office - Cathy Guetta: wonder woman of the club scene
Cathy in our Paris office
As the saying goes behind every successful man there stands a woman. 

For international DJ David Guetta, that woman is the gorgeous Cathy Guetta, his wife of 20 years and mother of the couple's two children, Tim Elvis Eric and Angie.

On the Parisian and global club scene the Frenchwoman with Moroccan roots is almost as notable as her superstar husband.

Way more than the trophy wife of a superstar DJ, Cathy is a successful business woman in her own right. Her rise to fame and fortune is as astonishing as it is inspirational.

Shortly after her arrival from Dakar, Cathy Guetta became the manager of a night club and organized legendary Parisian parties.

It was in France that she met and married then little-known club DJ David Guetta.

In 1997, she opened its first restaurant and followed this success with a second restaurant six years later.

Cathy has since decided to take her work in a new direction and in 2006 she withdrew from the Parisian Gastro scene to concentrate on Ibiza club nights and compilations 'F*** me I' m famous' - a joint venture between her and David.

The couple also launched two perfume ranges: Ibiza for women and Ibiza for men.

Today Cathy and her family live in London - though she's a mum to her two children, she still manages the business and regularly parties hard with David in glamorous party capitals such as Ibiza, St Tropez and Miami.

At the end of January she found time to spend a day with our editorial colleagues in our French offices.

Cathy Guetta edits
Cathy Guetta edits
It's not just parties and the club scene that Cathy adores, she's also got a passion for fashion and beauty.

We asked her for her top tips...

What’s in your make-up bag Cathy?
'I might have maybe 10 glosses of the same color, I absolutely love lip glosses. Also in my make-up bag is an under-eye concealer, mascara -that’s a must - I’ve got an eyeshadow that’s a bit sparkly that I love... that’s about it.'

Do you have a beauty ritual?
'No matter what time of the night I go to bed, I have to remove my make-up, even if I’m exhausted or tired, it’s quite important. And for me, that’s my beauty ritual.'

And what about a favorite designer?

'I haven’t really got a favorite brand or designer. I don’t really like the “total look”. I like to look to get an overall, general idea. I like to take the one thing that I like from one designer, another thing from another designer.

'I really liked Isabel Marant’s winter collection because it resembled me, with its fringes, suede and leather.

'But if in the summer the collection is less suited to my style and my tastes, then I’ll maybe like other things instead. If I don’t like a collection, I don’t force myself to buy from it.'

Where would you recommend for shopping trips?
'I love to discover shops and boutiques that can’t be found in Paris or in Europe and I really like rummaging around, going to markets.

'In Ibiza I go to a hippy market every week to take a look at what’s there, I like to find new undiscovered designers. In London I like the Notting Hill area, Portobello, etc.

'It's the same in Miami. I walk around, just enjoying the feeling of freedom, I really love shopping so voila.'

Where should we head for a good night out?
Ibiza in the summer!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again because for me, in the summer in Ibiza, it’s the place where there’s real partying for four months.

There are some mad clubs, there are thousands of people who go out every night to party so they can dance, have fun, flirt, look good, seduce, be seduced, etc. For me, the most beautiful party is Ibiza in the summer.

Queen of the Night and a mum, how do you do it?
It requires a lot of organization. When I’m with my family, I’m with them... there’s no more iPad, iPhone, telephone and computer, those things are put away.

But when I’m back on it in Ibiza, or like now I’m off to a party in New York for Fashion Week. I’ll be fully dedicated to my work, and there’ll be a telephone call in the evening to check that everything’s OK etc with the children.

They’re very happy, and in the summer they’re very pleased to be in Ibiza!

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