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Eva Mendes and men
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Eva Mendes and men

Talking about Eva without talking about men would just be wrong! Here's a summary of the men she's fallen for:

Guillaume Canet: Eva succumbed to the charm and devastating smile of the French actor/director. In an interview with a French website for the release of the film The Spirit in December 2008, she openly spoke highly of the actor before saving herself by declaring her admiration for his fiancée Marion Cotillard, who won an Oscar for her role in La Vie en Rose. Her message? "I want a part in your next film. If you have a role for me, write!"

Alain Delon:
It seems that Eva has a weakness for Frenchmen as she admitted on French TV: "I wouldn't say 'no' to Alain Delon from 1969. A man with manners and at least half a brain wouldn't be a bad start... In fact, I'd like a man who's older, more intelligent and more experienced than I am. I want to feel protected and above all, I want to learn."

Footballers: Although Eva's not a fan of the gym, she's quite happy watching a group of fit guys running after a football. When she was recently asked which sport she liked the most, she had no doubts: "Soccer is visually the most rewarding sport. Those boys are so cute!"

George Augusto: When it comes to the man she shares her life with, Eva is a lot more discreet. Together for eight years, there were rumours a few months ago questioning Eva's commitment to him. According to the New York Post, he dreams of marrying her but she doesn't feel ready. But eight years together is longer than a lot of celebrity marriages already!

© Eva Mendes and her boyfriend George Augusto in 2009 / Sipa

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