The mounts


 - The mounts
The mounts are the fleshy mounds on the opposite side to our knuckles and joints. There are seven of these, all relating to a planet.

The physical qualities of each mount denotes how the person copes emotionally with the influences of the plant it represents.

Where major and minor lines cross the various mounts it's possible to read the appearance of each line as significant in the influences each mount is charged with.

A line that becomes fainter or stronger over a particular mount can mean the person has more or less challenges within the areas the Mount denotes.

The Mounts

The Mount of Luna (Moon)
The Mount of Luna is found at the base of the hand on the outer edge opposite to the thumb. It represents the person’s perception, creativity, imagination and sensory awareness as well as the unconscious mind.

The Mount of Venus
The Mount of Venus is opposite Luna at the base of the thumb. It represents the physical form and denotes the presence (or lack) of kindness, charm, grace and the ability to love. From the Mount of Venus you can measure physical and sexual health, sensuality and beauty. A full and cushiony mount of Venus shows a person in fantastic health, kind nature and with a generosity of spirit.

Mars Negative (Lower Mars)
Mars negative is situated above the Mount of Luna. Mars negative is generally concerned with physical energy. When malformed Mars negative signifies negative energy such as anger, aggression, frustration and exhaustion.

Mars positive (Upper Mars)
Located on the opposite side of the palm to Mars negative, Mars positive denotes our mental energy and strength such as endurance, persistence, and calm.

Between the two Mars mounts lies the plain of Mars which is supposed to form the Mars galaxy.

The Mount of Jupiter
Below the first finger, the Mount of Jupiter represents our sense of purpose — our reason for living. Jupiter denotes levels of ambition, justice and confidence.

The Mount of Saturn
Under the middle finger, the Mount of Saturn indicates wisdom, co-ordination and discernment.

The Mount of Apollo (The Sun)
Situated below the ring finger, the Mount of Apollo represents our desire to share and reflects success, charisma and integrity.

The Mount of Mercury
The Mount of Mercury sits below the little finger and represents “enlightened” consciousness, intuition, spontaneity and also shows how well we can communicate.


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