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Share your photos on sofeminine.co.uk!

by Flora Marteau ,
Share your photos on sofeminine.co.uk!

Albums allow you to share, organize and store all your personal pictures. Publish your latest holiday photos, send your relatives your last children's portraits...

  1. · / Features
  2. · / Create an album
  3. · / Editing
  4. · / Sharing and privacy

1/ Features

* Creating albums is completely free.

* Organise and customise your album.

* Photo storage is unlimited.

* Upload up to 50 photos in a single click.

* Photos are not compressed so image quality is not compromised.

* Your photos are accessible from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

* Make your album private by protecting it with a password.

* Send your photos by creating a personalised e-card.

* Share your album with other users.

Check out our albums of the day, recently updated, most active and users’ favourite albums on the site!

2/ Create an album

* To create your album, go to the ALBUM and click "Create an album" in the left-hand column.

* Enter your username and password.

* Choose a title for your album (example: My holiday in Spain).

* Select a category for your album (example: Travel).

* Want to keep your album private? You can either give all users access to your album, or you can make it private to everyone except your friends. You can also disable comments on your album.

* Click “Save” to store your options.
You can change any of your information or options at any time by clicking “Album options” in the album menu.

3/ Editing

* Add photos
Click “Add photos” and click “Browse” to select as many photos to add to your album as you wish. You can upload up to 50 photos in one go using multiple selection.

* Change the title or options
In “Title and options” you can change the title, category and background, as well as enable or disable comments on your album. Once you’ve made any changes, click “Save” to update your album.

* Choose a category for your album
Choose an appropriate category from one of the many listed so that other users can find your album more easily, and click “Save”. You can change the category at any time in “Title and options”.

* Organise your album
To change the layout of your album, simply drag your photos to where you want them.

* Customise your album
Customise your album with our fun and stylish backgrounds. You can also add captions and comments to your photos.

4/ Sharing and privacy

* Send a link to your album
To send your friends a link to your album, select “Share my album”, enter the email addresses of the people you want to share your album with, type your message and click “Send”. An email containing the URL will automatically be sent to your friends.

* Protect and share your album
Protect your album with a password so that you only share it with friends and family. Invite your friends to check out all your photos on soFeminine.co.uk by sending them your album’s URL address (and password, if it is private).

Flora Marteau