Poll: how did the fall of the Berlin Wall affect you?



Survey results:
Q1 - What are your memories of the day the Berlin Wall fell?
I was glued to the TV and saw every minute of it
21 %
I remember the event but I didn't realise the importance of it at the time
17 %
I don't remember it, it didn't have much of an impact on me
23 %
I wasn't even born!
37 %
Q2 - What does the fall of the Berlin Wall symbolise for you?
The end of the 80s
11 %
The end of communism and its ideologies
41 %
The definitive end of the Second World War
8 %
The end of the Cold War
38 %
Q3 - Which political personality represents the fall of the Wall for you?
Mikhail Gorbachev and his perestroika
64 %
John F. Kennedy, who in 1963 declared "Ich bin ein Berliner" ("I am a citizen of Berlin")
12 %
Helmut Kohl, the German chancellor who architected the German reunification
24 %
Q4 - Did the fall of the Berlin Wall change the world?
Yes, Europe has become more united and stronger
41 %
Yes, democracy has made a huge step forwards
24 %
Not entirely, East/West divides still exist in another form
20 %
No, it only affected the citizens of Berlin
14 %
Q5 - What have you culturally inherited from this event?
The notion of freedom
33 %
The notion of fighting for one's rights
9 %
The notion of solidarity amongst peoples
26 %
Nothing, I've never given it any thought
30 %
Q6 - What do you think to the commemorations taking place in Berlin 20 years later?
They are splendid festivities that do the occasion justice
51 %
It's been 20 years... it's time to move onto other issues!
12 %
They represent an opportunity to reopen diplomatic debate because there's a lot of work still to be done
36 %
Q7 - Which part of the Berlin Wall's history did you find the most moving?
The families that were separated
40 %
The militants who never stopped striving for its destruction
4 %
The first strikes made at it with pickaxes
18 %
The East Germans who attempted to escape over the Wall, putting their lives in peril
36 %
Q8 - Which do you feel is the most significant diplomatic event of the 20th century?
The fall of the Berlin Wall
51 %
The construction of the European Union
13 %
The creation of the United Nations
35 %
Q9 - You believe that buying a piece of the Berlin Wall is:
An opportunity to keep a piece of history
23 %
A bit twisted, it was first and foremost a tragedy
30 %
Just contributing to the money-making tourist trade
46 %



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