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12 reasons why Ryan Gosling should have children (with us)

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 6 February 2014
12 reasons why Ryan Gosling should have children (with us)© Getty

Rumour has it that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have broken up and the cause could be because Ryan Gosling is ready to have lots of little Goslings and Eva Mendes isn't too fussed. We have valiantly volunteered to become The Notebook star's wife and the mother(s) of his children, particularly after examining the many, many perks of the job...

1. He would embarrass said children with PDA

Cringe for them, amazing for you!

2. He will always be honest and we would love him for it

Children need parents they can trust, especially when we’ll be too busy gaping at Gosling incoherently to speak to them.

3. He will never shout

Unless he wants you to get in the water, obviously.

4. He will give the children stellar speeches during exams

They will also get top grades but it won’t matter because their dad’s Ryan Gosling and they’re definitely going into the movie business.

5. Ryan Gosling will sort out your child’s bully!

No one messes with Ryan, his woman or his offspring (there's gonna be a lot of babies if we have our way).

6. He will do all of the boring jobs

Don’t want to feed the baby? Don’t you worry about it.

7. He will get emotional reading bedtime stories

Your kids will get Oscar-nominated performances every night. We’re beginning to wonder what we’d bring to the table…

8. You will be the object of EVERYONE’S envy

We don’t know why that would make us so happy. Are we bad people?

9. He would be cute and fun

We appreciate these qualities. Well done Gosling!

10. He’s still gorgeous even when he’s in trouble

If he forgets your anniversary or junior's birthday, you wouldn’t be able to stay angry at him for too long.

11. He’ll drive the kids everywhere

You have that extra glass of wine. You’re not going anywhere tonight!

12. Your family will LOVE him

How could they not? There is actually no way they couldn’t…

So these are 12 reasons, but there are hundreds (millions) more. Why else should Ryan Gosling be father to our children? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

Emmy Griffiths
Emmy Griffiths - Published on 6 February 2014
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