Most men believe in love at first sight

How I knew she was the one


Everything I didn't know I needed - How I knew she was the one
Everything I didn't know I needed
The moment I fell in love...

I knew I was in love with Heather but I wouldn't admit it until it was almost too late.

I met Heather when I was still with my ex, Kim. I thought of her as one of the lads, she could drink me under the table! I definitely didn't fancy her - I liked tall and skinny and Heather's small and curvy. Well... that's what I kept telling myself.

Heather and I became friends and even moved in together - as friends.

When my relationship with Kim failed, it was Heather's shoulder I cried on.

She listened endlessly to my problems, wrestled my phone away from me when I tried to drunk dial, councelled me on how best to win Kim back and even put up with the endlessly unsuitable women I brought back from the SU bar for meaningless one-nighters.

I tried it on with Heather all the time (I tried it on with everyone, to be honest) but she'd always just laugh in my face and tell me to get over myself - she knew where I'd been, she said.

We left university and I still thought about Heather all the time. We'd talk on the phone and email but I found that I really missed not having her at home when I got back.

I knew I'd have to make a proper effort if I wanted to get anything going with her. I organised to meet her in a restaurant, I wore my best suit and got all prepared to ask her out properly, but after we'd ordered she dropped the bombshell that she was seeing someone.

I tried to let us drift apart after that but I couldn't keep away entirely.

Another year went past, I had a few short relationships but nothing felt right because I knew I really wanted Heather.

When Heather's relationship didn't work out, I was only too happy to help wipe her tears away. I found out on Facebook and was straight on the phone offering my "condolences".

We started spending more time together again until I finally plucked up the courage to ask her out. I was more nervous than I've ever been as I explained that "it had always been her". Cheesy, I know, but I really meant it!

Thankfully this time she didn't laugh.

We moved in together again this summer. Heather's everything I ever wanted, I just didn't know it.


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