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The Apple Of His Eye! 25 Signs You're A Total Daddy's Girl

by Lareese Craig ,
The Apple Of His Eye! 25 Signs You're A Total Daddy's Girl© Pinterest

Remember when you used to rely on your dad for absolutely everything? From running you around town to dealing with your good-for-nothing boyfriends? Truth is, we've never really stopped. Bratty? Spoiled? No and no. We just happen to think our dad is the coolest man on the planet. Here’s 25 signs you’re a fellow daddy’s girl.

With Father's Day only a few weeks away we got to thinking about how much we really do adore our daddies. Sure, dads are still willing to embarrass us with their awful, awful dancing, but whether we want to admit it or not, we're all (secretly) total daddy's girls at heart. How else would we have learned to tell inappropriate jokes and dance like no one's watching? Are you a true daddy's girl? Here's 25 signs every DG will relate to.

1. You have the same SOH

Dad's SOH is always on top form. It's not so much what he says (although you guys have some incredible in-jokes), it's more to do with his delivery. Or maybe it's the fact that he laughs to himself and slaps his knees afterwards. Either way he's one seriously funny man.

2. He's still your cheapest taxi

Need a ride at 1 in the morning? Dad's wheels it is. #besttaxibanterever

3. He has a special presence on your social media

When he falls asleep on the sofa or when he decides to mount the roof without a ladder on a Sunday, these are the moments that really capture the typical dad. Wouldn't want Instagram missing out on dad's hilarious antics now would we?

4. You love how protective he is

To others he's a big, scary tough guy but to you he's just a loveable softie. Until someone upsets you.

5. He's your favourite dinner date

There's no one you'd rather share a finger lickin' platter with than your dear dad. Aw!

6. If he yells, you're upset for a week

When you bicker it's like the end of the universe. Who are you going to call for life advice now?

7. His dancing makes your life worth while

He's got two left feet but you wouldn't have it any other way.

8. You run all your boyfriends past him

If your dad doesn't like him you won't date him... He can spot a wrong'un a mile off because he was young once too you know. Dad. Knows. Best.

9. He still slips you extra cash

You gotta love him for lending giving you a sly £20.00 before a night out. You're never too old to need an emergency take-away fund. Chicken Cottage forever.

10. His opinion matters

Politics, TV shows, life - whatever he thinks, you follow.

11.You've picked up his eating habits

Chewing with your mouth full, wolfing down your dinner... you certainly didn't get that from your mumma.

12. You want your boo to ask your dad. About everything.

Birthday presents, dress size, hand in marriage, boyfriends should always consult our dads first.

13. All your friends love him

All your friends say they're coming over to see you but secretly they're coming over to see your ever dapper, ever charming father. It's fine but we draw the line at any mention of him being attractive, fit or sexy (vomit). That's just cringe and kinda wrong.

14. He fixes your stuff

He might not always know exactly what he's doing but that's what we love about him. He's willing to get stuck into anything. Even if it is mending a broken heel with some super glue.

15. You well up at the daddy-daughter dance

Your favourite part of any wedding? The daddy-daughter dance. There's nothing on this earth more beautiful *sniff*

16. He calls you princess

Nicknames include but are not limited to princess, sweetheart and angel.

17. He buys you flowers

If we're feeling down in the dumps he knows it's nothing some sweet red roses won't sort. Good old pa.

18. He's always right

You bicker a lot but ultimately you know you've over done it on the fake tan and that, yeah you definitely need to put water in your car. Like right now.

19. You still rub noses

We still haven't grown out of this and we probably never will. From now on everyone should be made to greet like this.

20. He's the reason you know how to do this

21. You know how to make his birthday special

His favourite chocolates, an old war film and a bottle of vino. All that's left to do is set him up with his man slippers and he's got his perfect evening in. So easy to buy for.

22. You make him catch the spiders

No girl should ever have to deal with creepy crawlies. Dad to the rescue.

23. He knows just what do to

When it all gets too much there's really only one person who knows how to deal with you...

24. You say I love you. A lot.

Whether you're going to the shop, signing off on text or leaving home for good, you never part without saying those special three words.

25. He's basically your hero

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Lareese Craig
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