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What Man Boobs Can Teach You About Body Confidence

by Maria Bell ,
What Man Boobs Can Teach You About Body Confidence© Christopher Pineda

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in women's body issues that we forget men sometimes have it bad, too. So when a guy posted a thread on Reddit about feeling "suicidal" about his man boobs, the internet stepped in and surprised us all. Just take a look at this guy's incredibly brave response...


We all have bits about our bodies that we hate but we can safely say, we don't have the courage to get naked and post about them on the internet to empower others.

For Chris to be open enough to bring this topic to public conversation he deserves serious respect. As he says in the video, internalising body issues only leads to more negativity so the more we talk about these kinds of issues, the easier it will be for people to STOP hating themselves for situations out of their control.

If want to help Chris raise enough cash to help his surgery, visit his Go Fund Me page. Or share your support by tweeting us at @sofeminineUK.

Maria Bell
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