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21 Alternative Wedding Cakes For Couples Who Don't Give AF About Tradition

by Pascale Day ,
21 Alternative Wedding Cakes For Couples Who Don't Give AF About Tradition© Pinterest

When it comes to your wedding, you want it to be your wedding. Everything about it has to speak to who you are, and so just any old wedding cake simply won't do. Forget fruit cake and royal white icing, these days the marital bake is all about fresh fruit, tons of tiers and... Oreos? Check out some of the best wedding cake alternatives Pinterest has to offer.

1. Rice Krispie cake

Who said Rice Krispie treats are just for kids? Relive your youth with this effing giant Rice Krispie wedding cake, and guaranteed the father of the groom will be running round with a sugar high in no time.

2. Ice cream cone cake

Summer weddings are great. The sun is shining, the weather is sweet. And while real ice creams sound just dreamy on a hot summer's day, dairy melting all over the shop and the onslaught of hungry ants would be a logistical nightmare. Which is why ice cream cakes are just perf - they bring the feel of summer without all the stickiness.

3. Pork pie cake

We haven't all got a sweet tooth. Some of us just want savoury, all day every day. So the pork pie tiered cake is the best alternative to a tradish wedding cake. Covered in wild flowers and accompanied by a menagerie of chutneys, what more could savoury people want?

4. Fresh fruit cake

For healthy couples, the diet might not end at the wedding ceremony, which is why this fruit cake - made entirely from fresh fruits, rather than dense sponge with raisins - is ideal for those who want their healthy eating to continue past the nuptials. And for those who are craving something a little bit bad? Accompany with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. Delish.

5. Bundt cake

No one wants a boring old iced fruitcake anymore. They've had their day. Now's the time for the rise of the bundt. And it's shaped like a ring! Honestly, what's more fitting than that?

6. Croquembouche cake

Think profiteroles 2.0. This tower of choux pastry filled with vanilla cream is bound with threads of spun caramel. Just make sure you pick from the top, okay? You don't want a Raiders of the Lost Ark situation with a load of choux pastry balls.

7. Cannoli cake

Cannolis are one of life's simple pleasures. We would travel all the way to Sicily just to fill a suitcase with them. Introduce your wedding guests to these sweet ricotta-filled treats with a humongous cannoli tower, it's the best way to do it.

8. Pavlova cake

In summer, on a hot day, cake might be a bit heavy. There's nothing better in warm weather than meringue accompanied by some fresh fruit and whipped cream. Refreshing af.

9. Oreo cake

We defy you to find a single person on this earth who doesn't like Oreos. Go ahead. Try. So if you're worried about pleasing all your guests, then an Oreo cake is the way to go. Plus, for anyone who loves a geometric pattern will be drooling over this one.

10. Crepe cake

We have to admit that French crepes and wedding cakes is not something we'd initially put together, but look at this! Look how gorgeous this pancake-cake mashup is! And there are infinite possibilities - would you go chocolate, lemon and sugar, fresh fruit? Or try it ombre like this sweet masterpiece?

11. Cheesecake cake

Like regular cake, only better. The best thing about cheesecake is the options are endless. Whether light and fresh and topped with a ton of fruit, or a heavy baked New York vanilla cheesecake, you just can't get it wrong with this dessert - it's a crowd-pleaser no matter what.

12. Doughnut cake

If there's one thing we crave at the end of a long day of speeches, dancing and drinking, it's a delicious doughnut smothered in sweet, sweet glaze. So there's nothing that makes us happy-cry more than the beautiful sight of a tower of doughnuts - except the vows, maybe, but it's a close second.

13. Brownie cake

Is there ever a bad time for a brownie? No, no there is not. And the more we think about it, the more a brownie wedding cake makes sense. Wether you go for the classic brownie, dust it with icing sugar or top it with fruit, there's no wrong way to eat these dense chocolate squares.

14. Cake pop cake

Plenty of people spend a lot of money on their wedding attire, which is why cake can be a risky game: buttercream fingers and bridesmaid dresses simply do not mix. So avoid the messiness of a big ol' slice with these adorable little cake pops.

15. Macaroon cake

Up the class at your 'do with these chewy delectable little French fancies. Everyone loves a macaroon, so why not ply your guests with a hundred of them. Try them in different flavours, such as pistachio, mango, Earl Grey and passion fruit. Bon appetit!

16. Ferrero Rocher cake

Here's a tip: Save up all those Ferrero Rochers that you've been getting from your aunt for the last five years at Christmas, and make them into one giant, decandent Ferrero tower for your guests to pick at.

17. Cheese cake

If there's one thing better than cheesecake, it's an actual cheese cake. Load with grapes, chutneys, jams, crackers and figs, and your guests will be talking about it for years to come.

18. Sprinkles cake

Errrm, how cute is this? Forget white icing, what we need to make our bake stand out is a shedload of sprinkles. You'll be finding them in your hair, shoes and bra for days afterwards.

19. Crème brûlée cake

Add a bit of class to your wedding with these mini crème brûlée cups. Crunchy on top, sweet and custardy down below, these bite-sized treat would go down a storm with your guests.

20. Cookie cake

There's nothing cuter than a homemade cookie. These are the perf little treat for your guests - and great for dunking into your prosecco.

21. Cupcake cake

We can't forget about the classic cupcake cake though, can we? There's so many great things to try when it comes to cupcakes, such as experimental flavours, different designs, even big French fancies. But you can't go wrong with a classic vanilla either.

Which cake is your favourite? Let us know! @soFeminineUK

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