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21 Save The Date Ideas That'll Have Your Guests RSVP-ing "Hell Yeah"

by Pascale Day ,
21 Save The Date Ideas That'll Have Your Guests RSVP-ing "Hell Yeah"© Pinterest

Announcing your wedding date is almost as big a deal as declaring you're getting married in the first place - partly because it's not done on Facebook or Instagram or both. And because your lucky guests are given an actual, physical thing to keep (or chuck in the bin), the invites have to look their best - you want to convince them your wedding is going to be the wedding of the ceremony, not anyone else's, don't you? Here's some key ideas for your save the date cards.

There are several important steps to planning a wedding. There's the actual announcement, which usually involves telling your family and friends in person and then putting a pretty extra Facebook post out to all the other people you don't really talk to but want to be hella jealous of your extravagant proposal and humungous and expensive ring.

​Next comes the telling of the bridesmaids, typically involving a bottle of prosecco and many, many tears - probably while your husband-to-be gets off his face on beer and will likely forget whether he actually managed to ask his best mate to be best man through all the slurring.



Then comes the save the date. The first tangible object you send out to your guests that says, "Put this date in your diary and cancel all prior commitments because if you're not there and I've given you this much notice I will end you".

But you have to wrap that sentiment up in the prettiest bow possible. But how should you do it to make sure people actually remember the date? Through the medium of a fridge magnet? A keyring? A regular piece of fancy card? There's just too many choices and yours has to be the best! Well don't panic - if you're forward planning like we all know you are, you've got plenty of time to pick, and we've got the best of the best when it comes to ideas. God bless Pinterest.

The stamp

OH my god. Does it get any cuter than this? A little stamp calendar with an even diddier stamp heart to mark your chosen date? MY HEART CAN'T TAKE IT!

The fingerprints

Your fingerprint + your SO's fingerprint = the sweetest little fingerprint heart we've ever seen which is just adorbs for your invitation and super personal. But you'll just have to try and not commit a crime now - your fingerprint is everywhere.

The train ticket

OK so I don't know anyone who loves the UK's train services enough to mock up their save the dates into actual train tickets unless they're planning to burn them in a big, cathartic fire at some point, but we can't deny this idea is super sweet and is the perfect way to get all that info out there.

The beer mat

Wheeey! Everyone likes a cheeky bevvy don't they? Well, these suckers won't be able to chug a cold one without being reminded to book your wedding day off work. Brilliant plan - especially for guys who we know are experts in remembering what time the rugby's on but forgetting everything else that's actually important.

The wine cork

The best thing about the cork save the date is, depending on how many guests you're inviting, you have to drink the corresponding amount of wine. Bring on the Malbec! I joke I joke, but these are a really original way to get your dates across and one people won't forget in a while.

The scratch card

Who can resist the power of a scratchy? Using your lucky 50p to scratch off those little windows to see if you've won a tenner, but you never do. It is the best of times, it is the worst of times. But there are no losers with these scratchies because it means your guests have won a ticket to the best wedding of the century.

The postcard

These beautiful postcards are perfect if you're planning a wedding abroad. The only thing that's gonna get the guests more excited than the prospect of a wedding on a sunny day is holding a postcard that confirms it.

The pencil

There's never a pencil to hand when you need one, is there? Solve that problem for ALL of your friends by gifting them this pencil that also has the date of your wedding inscribed in gold lettering down the side. They'll be so grateful they'll just HAVE to come to your wedding.

The festival band

Great if you're planning on making your big day into a three-day event a la Dawn Porter and Chris O'Dowd. These wristbands can be worn by your lucky guests, and once you put it on you can't get it off, so it's likely they'll never forget about your wedding - probably even after its happened.

The sweets

There's no better way to win your friends over than with a bag of sweets, so these heart-shaped candies are ideal for those whose friends have a bit of a sweet tooth.

The photobooth

Once you've sent out these bad boys featuring you and your significant other loving it up in a photobooth, they'll be going straight on the fridge of every mate, cousin and auntie out there until the date they've saved comes around. And knowing your aunt, probably after that too.

The baby photos

And speaking of photographs on the fridge, this idea is the ultimate cute invitation. A pic of both you and your partner as littluns is guaranteed to make your guests swoon with delight.

The cinema ticket

Calling all cinephiles: this one's for you. Make your invite into the super cool cinema ticket you see before you, complete with whether they're entitled to a plus one (an awkward conversation to get out of the way in such cute packaging - your friends won't even notice that their jerk boyfriend isn't invited).

The plane ticket

The plane ticket save the date is, again, ideal for a faraway wedding in hotter climates, but might be slightly cruel if you're planning to have it in rainy old blighty.

The chalkboard

Urgh. Just look at this. It's adorable. Who needs paper when you can send everyone you know an itty bitty individual chalkboard that they can hang right there in their kitchen?

The paper aeroplane

Who knew those things we once used as kids to annoy all the school teachers we didn't like would become a symbol of love and unity as adults? Send these paper aeroplanes along with instructions on how to fold them (because I, for one, would have no clue) and your wedding invite will be flying round the room for hours.

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The snowflake

Getting married in winter? Great! That opens up a whole new set of themes like these cute snowflake save the dates, which can be hung from the window, from the wall, even from the Christmas tree.

The chocolates

A word of warning with these chocolate save the dates: you better trust your friends to actually remember the date of your wedding because these delicious choco treats are going to be gone in seconds. Literal seconds.

The balloon

What better way to join together your childhood (balloons) and the ultimate act of adulthood (your wedding)? Attach these to your invites so your guests can blow them up and leave them floating around their house for days.

The confetti card

There's no better way to get guests excited than to give them something they can use on the actual day, so this save the date with a little pouch of confetti attached is a lovely addition to the classic STD. But if you're expecting this confetti to be used on the day you might be disappointed - your gals are likely to be throwing this over each other after a couple of glasses of wine.

The tea towel

Send your rellies one of these and they'll love you forever. What mum or nan doesn't love a tea towel?! And now, every time they wash the dishes after tea, they'll be thinking about your special day.

Check them all out here:

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