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27 Bridal Bouquets For Every Summer Wedding

by Rose Adams ,
27 Bridal Bouquets For Every Summer Wedding

When it comes to weddings, you can forget the homemade name placards or the twenty-tiered cake because the only thing we're interested in is the bride's dress and matching bouquet. And if you're the one getting hitched that means a LOT of pressure to meet expectations. Here's how to step up your floral game to make sure all eyes remain on you!

Who doesn't love a summer wedding? The sun is (hopefully) shining, there's no mud to ruin your shoes, the photos have optimum lighting - and that's before we've even mentioned Pimms. But despite all that, if you're the bride-to-be, the pressure to look the part is unrivalled. A good place to start is with your bouquet but if you weren't born with green fingers, the decision can be a difficult one.

If you don't know your peonys from your pear blossom, or your pageant from your posy for that matter, relax! You don't need to sign up for that floristry NVQ just yet because we've got all the bouquet inspo you need to find your dream wedding flowers here. All that's left to do is to perfect your throwing technique to make sure your forever-single friend finally catches it.

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Rose Adams
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