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50 Seriously Stunning Hairstyles For Bridesmaids

by Tolani Shoneye ,
50 Seriously Stunning Hairstyles For Bridesmaids© Sharon Kahana Photography

OK, so we all know weddings are all about the bride but the bridesmaids still need to look good too, right? Organising a wedding is chaotic enough without squabbling over potential tresses and dresses, so to avoid any hair-related drama (because dress-gate was bad enough) we've rounded up 50 of the hottest hairstyles for bridesmaids to help the big day run smoothly.

  1. · Half Up Half Down
  2. · Simple Do
  3. · Updo
  4. · Side Swept
  5. · Short Hair
  6. · See all the looks

When you're picking the hairstyles for your bridal party it's actually pretty important to have a good idea of what you're doing with your own first (fine, yeah, so it is kind of all about you.) Their hair needs to compliment your own - you guys *will* pull that Pinterest worthy bridal photo - but without taking the attention away from your own.

There's also the decision of whether you go for a solid 'one-look-fits-all' or pick a theme - like braids - and let each bridesmaid run with their individual style based on that. AKA, there's a lotta of thinking to be done. So we've put together 50 of the best bridesmaid hairstyle ideas to get you super inspired.

Half Up Half Down

Half up, half down hair is a versatile look that works for both formal and casual dress styles. This style is one of the prettiest options for bridal hair, and it's great for the evening too, as it means hair is off the face, yet still flowing and romantic.

Bridesmaid hairstyles © pretty designs
Bridesmaid hairstyles
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Simple Do

If your wedding isn't so formal you should go for a style that's casual, yet fitting for a wedding. These hair styles tend to be simple, but very effective. A great option if you want your BMs to all have the same do, as it's pretty easy to do.

Bridesmaid hairstyles © Sharon Kahana Photography
Bridesmaid hairstyles
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Updos are not for brides alone, they are a great idea for your bridesmaids too. Updos are a great option, because the look is so versatile and always looks beautiful and elegant in pictures.

Bridesmaid hairstyles © Glow.shopper
Bridesmaid hairstyles
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Side Swept

Simple and very effective! Side swept waves work beautifully for bridesmaids. It adds a touch of old Hollywood glamour, which is always a good look. So if you are going for curly hair look, whether it's structured vintage waves or looser, beachy waves be sure to sweep it to the side. This look works perfectly with boobtube dresses or one shoulder dresses.

Bridesmaid hairstyles © greylikeweddings
Bridesmaid hairstyles
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Short Hair

It's bound to happen, you're going to have at least one bridesmaid with short hair, and although this might seem like a disaster, it really isn't. So before you go reaching for hair extensions, have a look at how these women are rocking short hair so beautifully.

Bridesmaid hairstyles © Shorthaircut
Bridesmaid hairstyles
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See all the looks

Bridesmaid hairstyles © pretty designs
Bridesmaid hairstyles
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