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This Bridezilla Is Forcing Her Bridesmaids To Lose Weight For Her Wedding

by Helen Turnbull ,
This Bridezilla Is Forcing Her Bridesmaids To Lose Weight For Her Wedding

It's no secret many brides shed before they wed in the hope of looking and feeling like their best selves on their big day and in the thousands of photos, snapped from all unflattering angles, that cement a lifetime of hopefully fond memories. But one New York bridezilla is taking the biscuit when it comes to wedding prep by demanding her bridesmaids join her on her weight-loss mission before meeting her at the end of the aisle.

The bridesmaid role was once a simple and pleasant experience but now all right-hand girls privileged enough to be asked to flank the bride on her big day are resigned to a life of organising multiple hen dos - one abroad and one at home for those who can't make the former - and sorting inevitable squabbles for 12 months, if not longer. But can you imagine your horror if, on top of that, the bride-to-be outright told you to lose weight in time for the wedding?



That's exactly what one New York bridezilla has done and unbelievably, the bridal party are onboard. Talking to New York Post about her controversial wedding-prep policy, Ashley Barton explained: "I need everyone on board. I want my guests to invest in their appearances, feel pretty, go buy the dress of their dreams and feel confident in themselves. I want everyone to feel and look beautiful." OK fair point but suggesting your closest friends and family aren't already beautiful is surely asking for a friendless future?

But that's not all. As well as urging her bridal party to slim down, Barton is suggesting they book in for hair extensions and cosmetic procedures in order to ensure the finished photos are picture-perfect. The PR executive has even scheduled a botox appointment for her and one of the bridesmaids a week before the big day. What's even more shocking is that one girl is being actively encouraged to have her earlobe corrected with plastic surgery so she's able to wear the chandelier earrings the bride's chosen. "I can’t have her in studs," Barton said.

Sheen Malik is Barton's Maid of Honour and she's been motivated to keep to a strict workout routine and diet, by the bride-to-be's request. “Wedding photos are shared more now, so it’s important to look good,” she said in support of her girlfriend and is hoping to lose 15 pounds before the July wedding.



Another bride, Whitney Tingle, who is the co-founder of healthy meal-delivery company Sakara Life, used her wedding prep demands to drum up business by actively encouraging her bridal party to purchase the initiative's five-day meal plan which will help them lose weight. Justifying the policy, she said: "They’re going to be standing up there with me, so they want to look good and feel good too," before adding her girls willingly agreed to purchase and follow the plan.

Do you think this is a bridesmaid demand too much or are you tempted to try a similar policy ahead of your big day? Let us know your thoughts @soFeminineUK

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