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These Incredible Wedding Photos Will Blow Your Mind

by Lareese Craig ,
These Incredible Wedding Photos Will Blow Your Mind© Peter Adams-Shawn, Memories of Tomorrow Photography

Choosing a photographer for your big day is one of the most important / stressful decisions youhave to make in the whole wedding planning process - the dress mission aside! But something tells us these amazing photos would make any bride well-up with happiness.

For all those people whose toes curl up at the thought of doing cringe-worthy, staged wedding day photos, here's a photographer you might just see eye to eye with - pun intended.

Australian photographer Peter Adams-Shawn is getting a whole lot of attention for his beautifully unconventional wedding photos. Rather than capturing unforgettable wedding day moments through the lens, he uses the reflections in the guests' eyes instead and obviously, it's amazing.

This particular photo captures an adorable page boy, looking over at his parents as they exchange vowels. We. Can't Even!

Peter first used the beautiful 'eyescapes' technique to photograph a young flower girl watching a bride get ready to walk down the aisle. Since then, his intricate images have become so popular they're now part of his regular work.

Speaking about his unusual technique, Peter told Techly: I use a Canon 5D Mk III which offers the ability to focus. If you or the subject move a fraction of a millimeter [sic], the focus is lost.

“The other challenge is making sure you’re not in the shot — I find about half the time a portion of my right elbow can slip into the shot,” he added.

Although candid eyescapes can be difficult to capture, the images themselves require very little editing, making the reflections all the more personal and intimate.

Remembering your big day through the eyes of your loved ones? It's the perfect way to treasure all those precious moments.

eyescapes photographer wedding photographer © Peter Adams-Shawn, Memories of Tomorrow Photography
eyescapes photographer wedding photographer
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