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This Mum Was Left Paralysed After An Orgasm Led To A Brain Haemorrhage

by Pascale Day ,
This Mum Was Left Paralysed After An Orgasm Led To A Brain Haemorrhage© We Heart It

There are plenty of things that you just don't want to happen when you're getting fresh: losing 'momentum', accidentally spotting yourself in the mirror at an unflattering angle, falling asleep, losing something important in an orifice. But these are just small fry compared to what happened to Lucinda Allen post-coitus.

The mother-of-one was struck down with a blinding headache soon after her and husband Tony had sex, with a sharp pain appearing just above her right eye - a headache which signalled the beginning of a brain haemorrhage which left her paralysed on her left side.

Lucinda told the Daily Mail that she often suffered from what she refers to as "post-orgasm ‘thunderclap’ head-pain" that felt a lot like brain freeze, throughout her adult life, but never thought much of it. On that night five years ago, Lucinda felt the pain in her head like she usually did after sex - only this time, it wasn't going away.



"I was writhing on the bed in agony and crying when Tony phoned my mum," she said. "That’s when I thought I might be having a brain haemorrhage. After that, it was a blur. All I remember is confusion, dreams and reality mixed together, fear."

By the time Lucinda reached Birmingham's Queen Elizabeth Hospital, she was unable to speak. Her worst fears had been confirmed: she was indeed suffering from a cerebral haemorrhage, and she was placed into an induced coma to let her brain rest.

At the time Lucinda was brought to hospital, she was six months pregnant. Luckily, scans showed the baby was fine. Unfortunately, by the time she came round from her coma, she discovered that she had suffered a series of five strokes. She was in hospital for a total of three months, with her daughter, Marri-Alice, being born healthy via C-section on 19th November 2012.

Lucinda said of her daughter: "Marri-Alice is an amazing little girl She's incredibly bright, has hit all her milestones early, could recite the alphabet at the age of three and has a naughty but sophisticated sense of humour."

But unfortunately, Lucinda was left paralysed down her left side and now is a full-time wheelchair user. Lucinda wanted to share her story so that others who may suffer from similar symptoms realise how dangerous it has the potential to be.

She said: "Nobody talks about post-orgasm head-pain and that’s understandable. But, because of what’s happened to me, I am now on a mission to raise awareness of how this pain can be a warning sign of impending brain haemorrhage. Because of it, I have lost a huge part of ‘me’ – my career, any siblings my daughter may have had, my plans for the future.

"​I’m lucky to be here at all. All I want now is to make other people aware of this terrifying condition. I think if people are aware, they’ll know to deal with it quickly when it strikes. Although I’m happy, I wouldn’t wish what I’ve been through on anyone."

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