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A Gym Has Started Napping Classes To Save Tired Parents

by Pascale Day ,
A Gym Has Started Napping Classes To Save Tired Parents

Have you ever looked at a class at the gym and thought, "No matter who else is in that class, I would be the best." No, neither have we - UNTIL NOW. One gym - also known as our new favourite gym - has started running napping classes and we know it was made for us.

If there's one thing you could say about David Lloyd Clubs, it's that they know what the people want. They know what we want, and they give it to us. And what we want, all day every day, is just to nap. To lie down for 45 minutes for an undisturbed sleep. That's why 'Napercise', the newest class on their timetable is such a welcome addition.

The mid-afternoon session consists of a a 45-minute nap with a few stretches thrown in for good measure. The Napercise page states:

"The frantic nature of modern life means that few of us seem to get enough sleep, and if you're a parent, a good night’s rest becomes even more of a luxury. So we're created a new group class - group napping classes for exhausted mums and dads to help boost their mental and physical wellbeing.


​​"Our mid-afternoon studio sleep sessions is 45-minutes long and is designed to reinvigorate the mind, the body and even burn the odd calorie."

The first rule of Napercise is YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT NAPERCISE. But the second rule of Napercise is you have to be the proud owner of a child in order to attend a sesh. Which is all very well and good, but what about those of us who are just super lazy?

The class is currently only being trialled in Sidcup right now, but with David Lloyd Clubs up and down the country, we're pretty sure a Napercise will be hitting up your club to save all tired parents soon.

Would you like to go to a Napercise class? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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