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Scientists Invent Chocolate So Healthy It Can Be Used As Medicine

by Pascale Day ,
Scientists Invent Chocolate So Healthy It Can Be Used As Medicine© iStock

Sweet dreams are made of this: Scientists at Kuka Xoco claim they have made a chocolate that’s so super healthy it can actually be taken for medicinal purposes, which already sounds way better than trying to choke down paracetamol. But come on, The real question is: could this beat Calpol to be the tastiest medicine around?

No one likes taking medicine. It's always too bitter, too chalky, too strong, not to mention hard to swallow. Never has anyone ever swallowed cough mixture and not grimaced. But that could be about to change with the making of a new 'healthy' chocolate invented by Gregory Aharonian and his team at Kuka Xoco.

A medicinal, low fat chocolate sounds kinda ridiculous, especially because the sugar and fat is what makes it so damn delicious. Have you ever tried to eat raw cacao? It’s offensive to the tastebuds. But the cacao, the bitter bit, is what contains all the antioxidants and minerals that help to lower blood pressure and maintain good cholesterol.

But here’s the best bit: Boston-based firm Kuka Xoco have discovered a new de-bittering agent from the coca plant, found in the Andrean region of Bolivia and Peru. Interestingly, the coca plant is where cocaine comes from, but luckily, Kuka Xoco will process the plant in a way that will cancel out the effects induced by cocaine. Added to the cacao, it is claimed, the herb can alter the bitterness drastically whilst keeping the sugar and fat at only 35 percent.

According to Gregory Aharonian, president and chief scientist at Kuka Xoco, eliminating the need for most of the sugar, sweeteners and fat in chocolate allows the medicinal values to shine through. The firm argues that sugar is the “next nicotine”, and even sweeteners used in lieu of sugar can add to weight gain and health complications, which is why Aharonian is keen to continuing developing chocolate down to just 10 percent fat and sugar.

There’s no word on how the chocolate bar tastes yet, but we’ll definitely be trying it. For medicinal purposes, of course.

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