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This Woman's Side-By-Side Photos Show Endometriosis Is 'No Joke'

by Pascale Day ,
This Woman's Side-By-Side Photos Show Endometriosis Is 'No Joke'© Instagram/thessy.k

Endometriosis isn't the enigma it once was thanks to the likes of Lena Dunham, Halsey and Julianne Hough, but it's still a condition that many of us don't understand. But Thessy Kouzoukas is opening up more of a dialogue after posting a pic on her Instagram of how the condition affects her body.

The 27 year old, who is the co-owner of fashion brand Sabo Skirt, was diagnosed with the painful condition and took to Instagram to share her recent experience, stating that endometriosis is 'no joke' after being sent into early menopause due to the drugs she is currently taking.

Endometriosis is a gynaecological health condition that has a number of painful symptoms, including an abnormal menstrual cycle and, in severe cases, infertility. This is due to tissue that that behaves like the lining of the womb being found in other parts of the body, like the ovaries, fallopian tubes, the bladder, the stomach or the bowels, which cause painful cysts.

Kouzoukas' Insta pic shows her body in two states: one shows her swollen stomach from three weeks ago after she experienced a ruptured cyst, and the other now, after being on a drug called 'synarel' that has stopped all her hormones and, as a result, has sent her into early menopause.

"This is quite shocking to people. This is me. This is endometriosis," she wrote in the caption. "I never intended to share these photos hence why I'm naked, but my god I can't believe the amount of DM's I've received from girls who have endo too and feel alone.

"The left is my stomach 3 weeks after a ruptured cyst (5 weeks ago). The right is me now, on a drug called "synarel" that has stopped all my hormones and sent me into menopause at the age of 27."

But the drugs that Kouzoukas is not the end of her painful journey with endometriosis - she will have to go through surgery to help with the issue. "My upcoming trip to Greece along with this drug is in hopes to get me prepped and in the best condition both physically and mentally for an operation I'm receiving in late August. Endo is no joke. I'll be operated on for 7+ hours and hospitalised for a week."

Oversized anything for me that hides my bloated stomach 😁 @saboskirt

A post shared by Thessy Kouzoukas (@thessy.k) on Jun 9, 2017 at 5:33pm PDT

1 in 10 women of reproductive age suffer from endometriosis in the UK - roughly the same amount of people that suffer from diabetes. On average it takes around 7.5 years from the onset of symptoms to get a proper diagnosis. There's currently no cure for the condition, but it can be eased with the help of pain relief, hormone treatment and surgery.

Kouzoukas finished her post with a plea for more people to know about and understand the condition, and for women to ensure they get themselves checked for the condition if they're having particularly bad periods: "Please, spread the word about endo. And If you know anyone with bad period pain PLEASE tell them to get checked for this. And to my girls with endo.. you're not alone".

Have you got endometriosis? Let us know how you deal with it @sofeminineUK

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