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Unicorn Menstrual Cups Could Convince You To Never Buy Another Tampon Again

by Helen Turnbull Published on 1 August 2017
Unicorn Menstrual Cups Could Convince You To Never Buy Another Tampon Again

It's popular opinion that making menstruating women pay tax on sanitary products is a great injustice. Most recently, Tesco announced plans to cough up this tax on behalf of the customer, making tampons and towels a whole 5% cheaper - a small difference but a step in the right direction nonetheless. But what if we told you a mere £20 could cover your period hygiene for a whole ten years?

If you're yet to be persuaded to convert from tampons to menstrual cups, this new 2017 version of the most eco-friendly period hygiene product could convince you yet. Scottish mum Julie Coleman is capitalising on the millennial generation's obsession with unicorns to bring us the Unicorn Cup - a colourful, 2017 version of the classic menstrual cup.

The Unicorn Cup works like the standard version except, unlike the Moon Cup, it comes with a separate foldable wash and/or storage cup which makes it perfect for when on the go and travelling. Each cup costs £19.99 plus postage which may seem like a lot when a pack of tampons costs just over £2.00 but when you consider the average woman spends over £18,000 on feminine hygiene in their lifetime, it's a small price to pay. A mere £20 - that's how much most women will spend on tampons and towels in six months. But unlike tampons and towels, menstrual cups are reusable - for up to ten years if properly looked after.

Other advantages include the volume of liquid they hold - up to three times as much as tampons with no leaks which means you can leave it in for up to 12 hours - and because the flow doesn't come into contact with oxygen it means there's a reduced risk of contracting TSS (toxic shock syndrome) and there's also no dryness that's often associated with tampons.

Julie vouches for this, telling the Daily Record: "I have found there are tons of benefits. No leaks, no peeing on a tampon string, not having to change a tampon every time I go to the bathroom and being able to go out with full ­confidence that I don’t have to worry about menstrual blood on my ­trousers.”

Has the Unicorn Cup convinced you to try a menstrual cup? Let us know your thoughts @soFeminineUK

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