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25 Game-Changing Ways To Eat Doughnuts

by Tolani Shoneye ,
25 Game-Changing Ways To Eat Doughnuts

If you didn’t already have it marked out in BOLD, this week it’s National Doughnut Week. Now not only can you eat doughnuts for breakfast/lunch/dinner without being at all judged, but doing so will actually help raise money for The Children’s Trust. So to get you in the mood for one of your favourite weeks of the year, here are 25 game-changing ways to eat doughnuts.

Move along cupcakes, doughnuts are our new favourite.

1. Fill it with vanilla cream

2. Layer on Nutella and colourful sprinkles

3. Make it dark chocolate and orange flavoured

4. Add some peanut butter

5. Invite apple cider into the mix

6. Make it into a giant cake

7. Infuse some fresh strawberries

8. Top with crushed Oreos

9. Enjoy it with a custard filling

10. Add popping candy. Popping candy makes everything better

11. Make it into an ice cream sandwich

12. Top it off with some bacon

13. How about making it into a tasty cereal

14. Make it pretty in pink

15. Have the best of both worlds and make a doughnut muffin

16. Don't get no better than a chocolate cake doughnut

17. Add coconuts into the mix

18. Make it into a strawberries and cream sandwich

19. Dip it into some chocolate sauce

20. Make it pretty with petals

21. Mix in some M&Ms

22. Use it to spread some love and kisses

23. Use doughnuts to pimp up cupcakes

24. Make it into cute Disney characters

25. Enjoy it in it's glazed perfection

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