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Royal Wedding Tea

by Anna-Belle Woollcott ,
Royal Wedding Tea

Quite predictably the Royal Wedding has sparked a trend for commemorative knick-knacks to celebrate Kate and Will's big day.

You can get tea sets, plates, flags, masks of the couples faces, post cards, posters, t-shirts even... put perhaps the weirdest ones are the consumable goods.

Twinings and Clipper and both have released Royal Wedding Commemorative Blends of tea!

The Twinings version is a pleasant enough white Earl Grey tea with flavours of bergamot and rose petals - quite floral and definitely better without milk.

It comes in a black tin with an illustration of a brunette bride on the front. The date and location of the royal couples nuptials are also printed for posterity.

Twinings is actually "by royal appointment" as in 1857 the company was awarded a Royal Warrant by Queen Victoria to honour its prestigious reputation as a supplier of goods to the Royal Family.

Still, although it's quite nice we can't really work out why anyone would need a commemorative tea? It's the sort of thing that gathers dust at the back of your cupboard, passed over in favour of Twinings rather lovely Earl Grey or just a regular cup of cha.

Clipper have also provided us with their regular Earl Grey but in loose leaf form and with a silhouette of a "prince" on the front. That one has a blue label, presumably it's for the groom. Then there's the pink labelled "wedding breakfast tea" which is a blend of assam and ceylon. This one features a silhouette of a "princess".

They're both really nice. We'll probably have a cup on the day... you know, to commemorate and all that.

Twinings Royal Wedding Commermorative Blend tea
£2.39 per box of 50 teabags

Clipper loose leaf earl grey and loose leaf wedding breakfast tea
£4.95 for 125g

Anna-Belle Woollcott
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