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1. View albums :
Click on an album icon to view the album in display mode.
You can either view an album "Picture by picture", which will shows the photos one by one, in large format, or as a set of thumbnail pictures ("Photos" or "Plan" mode), for smaller images in groups of 12. If you wish to see a full-size image, click on the picture at any time.
To change modes whilst viewing an album, just click on to switch to "Picture by Picture" mode, or click on to switch to "Plan" mode. You will find these icons in the left-hand column while you are viewing an album.
Choose the "Slideshow" option, to see all pictures in an album as a slideshow, without even having to click to change the image. Just click on . You will find this icon in the left-hand column once again. To leave "Slideshow" mode, just click on another link on the page.

2. Creating and editing your albums :
Click on "Create" in the left-hand column to start an album. You can see a complete list of all albums created under a certain username, by clicking "Edit" in the left-hand column.
To make changes to an album, you need to be in Edit mode, so click on the "Edit" button in the left-hand column. If click on an album from the viewing screen, you will only be in View mode and won't be able to make any changes.
After editing, your album may in some circumstances be further edited by one of our moderators before being put back on line, e.g. when editing an Album of the Day.

3. Search albums :
Choose the 'Search' function to search under key words in the album text (album and page titles), album name, or creator's username.
The difference between the title of an album and the album name, is that the album name is the 'technical' name of the album, which will feature in its Internet address (the http:/www. link, which will take you directly to your album from anywhere on the web) name). Do not use spaces or special characters. The album name is normally different to the album title, which is in free text; e.g. an album name could be Sam while the album title is The Birth of Sam.
If you have trouble finding an album under the Album Name, try searching for words in the title by changing the search options in the drop-down menu.
It may sometimes seem that albums in the search results have nothing to do with your search. This may be because the words used in the search relate to images within the album. The search results are normally worth a look - you are bound to find what you want somewhere in the album!

4. Terms and Conditions :
Never use offensive or inappropriate images in your albums. You should also make sure that you hold the rights to the photos you use, i.e. do not use unauthorised photos, or photos belonging to anybody else. Finally, by sending us your photos, you authorise to publish your album and use it freely.

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