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Cabbage leaves stuffed with lentils

Caesar salad

Café espresso
CaïpirinhaEasy15 min
CalamariMedium30 min
Californian saladEasy15 min
Camembert appetiserEasy10 min
Cantonese fried rice with prawnsEasy30 min
Capon chicken stuffed with honeyMedium35 min
CappuccinoEasy10 min
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Caprese (tomatoes & mozzarella)Easy5 min
Caramel and almond milk flanEasy10 min
Caramel and walnut orangesEasy15 min
Caramelised peach cakeEasy20 min
Cardinal prawnsEasy15 min
Caribbean quailMedium15 min
Carnival frittersEasy15 min
Carpaccio of veal with tunaEasy20 min
Carpaccio of perch with vanilla oilMedium25 min
Carpaccio of salmonEasy15 min
Carpaccio of scallopsEasy30 min
Carpaccio of sea bass with lemon verbena oilEasy15 min
Carrie Woo CocktailEasy5 min
Carrot & coriander soupEasy60 min
Carrot and celeriac saladEasy15 min
Carrot and chanterelle soupEasy20 min
Carrot and chestnut crunchy rollsEasy20 min

Carrot and chive flan

Carrot and mushroom crumble

Carrot cake
Carrot macaroonsEasy15 min
Carrot soupEasy10 min
CassouletEasy30 min
Catalan red mulletEasy30 min
Cauliflower chop sueyMedium10 min
Cauliflower curryEasy15 min
Cauliflower gratinEasy25 min
Caulifower and seafood tabboulehMedium30 min
Celeriac and dried tomato tapasEasy30 min
Celery Soup with walnuts and crème fraîcheEasy5 min
ChantacoEasy10 min
Charentelles with an autumnal twistEasy10 min
Charlotte aux pommes Easy40 min
Charlotte gateaux with chestnutsEasy30 min
Chasseur sauce (for chicken chasseur)Medium30 min
Chayote stuffed with crabMedium15 min
Cheese & herb omeletteEasy5 min
Cheese and cumin canapésEasy20 min
Cheese cakeEasy10 min
Cheese cakeMedium20 min
Cheese empanadillasMedium40 min
Cheese fondueEasy20 min
Cheese nachosEasy2 min
Cheese souffleHard20 min

Cheese soufflé

Cheese sticks

Cheese turnovers
CheesecakeMedium20 min
Cherry and almond cakeEasy15 min
Cherry clafoutisEasy20 min
Cherry clafoutisEasy15 min
Cherry gratinEasy10 min
Cherry tomato and goat's cheese saladEasy5 min
Cherry tomato, goat's cheese and olive clafoutisEasy20 min
Cherry tomatoes stuffed with fromage fraisEasy10 min
Cherry verrines with mascarpone and cinnamonEasy35 min
Chestnut & Mustard ParcelsMedium15 min
Chestnut macaroons with chocolate sauceHard30 min
Chestnut mousseMedium35 min
Chewy macadamia nut cookiesMedium20 min
Chicken & spring vegetable lasagneMedium30 min
Chicken AdoboEasy10 min
Chicken and apple couscousEasy20 min
Chicken and citrus saladEasy25 min
Chicken and feta stuffed tomatoesMedium20 min
Chicken and lime kebabsMedium20 min
Chicken and pineapple saladMedium40 min
Chicken and Tomato CrumbleMedium10 min
Chicken and vegetable stir fryEasy10 min
Chicken biryaniMedium15 min
Chicken biryaniEasy30 min

Chicken breast with braised Cos

Chicken brochettes on organic salad

Chicken chop suey
Chicken curryMedium30 min
Chicken curryEasy15 min
Chicken in chocolate sauceMedium20 min
Chicken kormaMedium15 min
Chicken pastilla with pomegranateMedium20 min
Chicken puttanescaEasy10 min
Chicken risottoEasy20 min
Chicken risotto Easy20 min
Chicken salad sandwichEasy8 min
Chicken stuffed with dried fruitEasy15 min
Chicken tagine with dried apricotsEasy15 min
Chicken tagine with honey and dried fruitEasy20 min
Chicken tagine with lemons and olivesEasy20 min
Chicken tikka kebabsMedium10 min
Chicken tikka masalaMedium10 min
Chicken with almondsEasy15 min
Chicken with baby corn-on-the-cobEasy20 min
Chicken with basilEasy5 min
Chicken with basil, by Ken HomEasy5 min
Chicken with capsicumsEasy15 min
Chicken with lemon & capersEasy20 min
Chicken with lemon and pineappleEasy15 min
Chicken with lemongrassEasy20 min
Chicken with oranges and gingerEasy20 min

Chicken with paprika

Chicken with tarragon and chanterelle mushrooms

Chicken with yoghurt and mint
Chickpea and aubergine tagineEasy20 min
Chicory salad with dried apricot and goat's cheeseEasy10 min
Chilli con carneEasy10 min
Chilli, red onion and chorizo potato bakeEasy5 min
China Town cocktailEasy10 min
Chinese 5 spice prawns with tamarind chutneyMedium20 min
Chinese chickenMedium15 min
Chinese cocktailEasy10 min
Chinese fondueMedium30 min
Chinese fried eggEasy10 min
Chinese loafEasy30 min
Chinese noodle and prawn soupMedium15 min
Chinese riceEasy20 min
Chinese steamed fishEasy10 min
Chinese veggieEasy10 min
Chistmas seed and nut loaf Easy30 min
Choca mocha nectar with coffee granitaEasy20 min
Choco Dip Dip DipEasy20 min
Chocolate and almond flanEasy10 min
Chocolate and almond puddingEasy5 min
Chocolate and apple cakeEasy20 min
Chocolate and apple madeleinesEasy20 min
Chocolate and banana cakesEasy20 min
Chocolate and cherry muffinsEasy20 min

Chocolate and chestnut fondants

Chocolate and chestnut muffins

Chocolate and cinnamon pancakes
Chocolate and mascarpone water iceEasy15 min
Chocolate and orange logEasy80 min
Chocolate and orange mousseEasy20 min
Chocolate and orange rollsMedium30 min
Chocolate and Picota Cherry TerrineMedium55 min
Chocolate and pineapple cakeEasy30 min
Chocolate and red wine cakeEasy10 min
Chocolate and vanilla snailsEasy20 min
Chocolate bananasEasy15 min
Chocolate browniesEasy60 min
Chocolate browniesEasy20 min
Chocolate brownies with almondsMedium15 min
Chocolate cakeEasy20 min
Chocolate cakeEasy20 min
Chocolate cakeEasy20 min
Chocolate caramel shortbread traybakeEasy30 min
Chocolate charlotteEasy30 min
Chocolate chestnut cakeEasy15 min
Chocolate chip cookiesEasy20 min
Chocolate chip cookiesMedium20 min
Chocolate chip cookiesEasy5 min
Chocolate coffee cakeEasy5 min
Chocolate cookiesEasy10 min
Chocolate cornflake clustersEasy15 min

Chocolate coulant

Chocolate creams

Chocolate custard
Chocolate dominoesEasy30 min
Chocolate eclairsHard50 min
Chocolate eggsEasy25 min
Chocolate eggs with fruitEasy15 min
Chocolate fondantEasy10 min
Chocolate fondueEasy15 min
Chocolate hazelnut cakeEasy20 min
Chocolate icingEasy10 min
Chocolate lollipopEasy15 min
Chocolate marquiseEasy35 min
Chocolate mouldsEasy15 min
Chocolate mousseEasy15 min
Chocolate mud pots with pumpkins and ghostsMedium10 min
Chocolate muffinsEasy10 min
Chocolate napolitan Medium25 min
Chocolate pecan cakeEasy10 min
Chocolate profiterolesMedium45 min
Chocolate raspberry tartEasy20 min
Chocolate sauceEasy10 min
Chocolate sprinkle cupcakesEasy15 min
Chocolate teddy bearsEasy30 min
Chocolate trufflesMedium10 min
Choco-vanila ice cream with desiccated coconutEasy10 min
Chorizo and Vodka PastaEasy30 min

Chorizo Finlandia Vodka Pasta

Chorizo with cider

Chorizo, sweet potato and mushroom salad
Christmas cabbageMedium30 min
Christmas biscuitsEasy30 min
Christmas cakeMedium30 min
Christmas coronation canapésEasy10 min
Christmas gingerbread menMedium20 min
Christmas log with chestnut mousseHard90 min
Christmas pudding with brandy butterMedium120 min
Christmas tree pepper pizzaEasy10 min
Chunky beef chilli with creamy cheese salsaEasy25 min
Chunky sausage soupEasy30 min
Citrus fruit and kiwi carpaccioEasy15 min
Citrus fruit with meringueMedium30 min
Citrus surpriseEasy5 min
Citrus zest and ginger spring crab rollsEasy10 min
Clam chowderMedium20 min
Clarified butterEasy20 min
Classic cheeseburgerEasy10 min
Clementine and almond torte Medium20 min
Clementine mousseMedium15 min
Clementine souffléEasy20 min
Cobb ScrambleEasy10 min
Coco Boy (Non-alcoholic)Easy5 min
Cocoa and chilli pork ribsEasy15 min
Cocoa and vanilla smoothieEasy5 min

Coconut and lime cream

Coconut and pistachio chicken curry

Coconut and raspberry punch
Coconut ballsEasy10 min
Coconut ballsEasy5 min
Coconut BatidaEasy min
Coconut flanEasy5 min
Coconut flanMedium25 min
Coconut mousseEasy5 min
Coconut pancakesEasy10 min
Coconut puddingsMedium5 min
Coconut vegetable curryEasy10 min
Coconut, spinach and rice soupMedium15 min
Cod and garlic frittersEasy90 min
Cod papillote with ginger, citrus and sweet potatoEasy15 min
Cod with aniseed sauceEasy10 min
Coddled eggs with horseradish creamEasy10 min
Coffee cakeEasy10 min
Coffee creamEasy15 min
Coffee éclairsEasy50 min
Coffee souffleEasy20 min
ColeslawEasy15 min
Cooked and raw vegetable saladMedium30 min
Coq au vinMedium55 min
Corned beef hashEasy10 min
Corned beef hashEasy10 min
Corned beef hashEasy10 min

Corned beef quiche

Coronation chicken

Cottage pieEasy30 min
Courgette and aubergine blinis with garlicEasy30 min
Courgette and goat's cheese quiche Easy10 min
Courgette and goat's cheese savoury cakeEasy30 min
Courgette carpaccioEasy10 min
Courgette gazpacho with peppersEasy25 min
Courgette tart Easy10 min
CouscousEasy60 min
CouscousEasy30 min
Cowboy Boot CookiesMedium20 min
Crab and courgette pieEasy45 min
Crab and grapefruit saladEasy20 min
Crab cakesMedium5 min
Crab claws au gratinEasy10 min
Crab rollsMedium30 min
Crab verrinesMedium10 min
Crabstick pieEasy20 min
Cream cheese and apple sandwichEasy10 min
Cream cheese and salad sandwichEasy5 min
Cream cucumberEasy10 min
Cream of cauliflower soupEasy10 min
Cream of cep soup with savoryEasy10 min
Cream of courgette soupEasy10 min
Cream puffsEasy15 min

Creamy Irish liqueur fudge

Crème brûlée

Creme caramel
Creme catalanEasy30 min
Crème pâtissière (pastry cream)Easy10 min
Creole stuffed avocadosMedium20 min
Creole-style hot chocolateEasy45 min
Crêpes flambéed in Cointreau Easy10 min
Crêpes suzetteEasy10 min
Creuse fondueMedium10 min
Crisp vanilla butter cookiesMedium15 min
Crispy beaufort palm leavesEasy15 min
Crispy chicken wingsEasy30 min
Crispy Duck With Apricot and Plum SauceHard30 min
Crispy salmon parcelsMedium20 min
Crunchy cauliflower saladEasy15 min
Crunchy wheat and apple saladEasy20 min
Cucumber and herb soupEasy35 min
Cucumber and herb soupMedium15 min
Cucumber and peach saladEasy15 min
Cucumber and prawns in cream cheeseEasy20 min
Cucumber and radish smoothieEasy5 min
Cucumber saladEasy20 min
Cucumber salad with tarragon creamEasy30 min
Cucumber stuffed with cream of salmonEasy30 min
Cucumber sushiHard70 min
Cumberland wrapsMedium10 min

Curried cucumber and cheese carpaccio

Curried pork

Curried prawns
Curry sauce (basic)Easy10 min
CustardEasy15 min
CustardEasy10 min
Cyber Remy (cocktail)Easy5 min
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